What a day!

So Rocky is 6 months now but based on an article I read, perhaps 8 months-
Rocky was head bobbing this evening and made me wonder if she's a boy. I think Rocky is going through puberty right now and as you can read, I am utterly confused. She saw trees and started going absolutely crazy. I wasn't afraid of her this time but I didn't like it.
She is demanding when it comes to food lately-- I mean, beating the enclosure glass.. This can't be normal.
The femoral pores are pronounced- not clogged but it's like I woke up and they were present.
I hope I didn't give her parasites as the silkworms didn't look so fresh (I threw them out). Her poop was definitely different than usual- see picture. It had a huge air bubble, that was interesting.
Other than that, Rocky is the same. She's basking, playing, going to bed at the same time-
I am so confused!


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