We Both Freaked Out!

So Rocky has been napping but I had to go out of town unexpectant. I packed him up in the middle of the night, he continued to sleep- all was well. As Rocky is in semi-brumation aka napping, it took me 15 minutes to get myself together, get him together by not freaking him out to let him know we had to go. Again, he fell right back to sleep, but I of course didn't want to scare him.

Fast forward to today- I didn't pack much due to the circumstances but I have the hide because in my mind, Rocky is going to sleep all day. Well, Rocky wakes up- looks around and I can tell he's confused. I can tell today is the day he is not going to sleep (well, there goes some plans I tried to squeeze in). Rocky licks me so I think we are doing good.
He slept in his carrier so I let him be- about an hour later, I open the carrier so he doesnt feel entrapped. ROcky slowly acclimated. The lights were too much so when I tried to direct him back towards the hide, he took off under the dresser. I TOUCHED his tail but caught myself as I aimed for his lower body...I totally can see what I did because it scared me too. He was definately within my reach. Rocky turned around and puffed to make me stop. OMG my baby- he's still a dragon! lol he didn't blacken or hiss, but he was like HOOMAN HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!
I did- I really did.
I gave him a moment; he gave me a moment. I apologized; he came out on his own (I was still a little scared but proud of him for standing up for himself) -
within the hour, we were hugging, and he kissed me.
I messed up-
No longer shamed but proud of Rocky!!!

I really thought I was going to be afraid all over again but I pulled it together quickly! He had to know that I was sorry, not a punk!


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See i told you you would get there!!!!! 😀😀😀
You did and you know that I take nothing you say (or you) for granted. Now if that black beard appeared, that may be a totally different story LOL
As much as I see Rocky as my baby in my mind you know I believe, "He would NEVER"- yeah OKAY lol

It's also funny how when my parents tell me that he's growing. I know it but I think they are calling him fat so I start defending him like- it's the video, the camera, your eyes! My father says, "But I see a belly!" I say, "Well that's why he doesn't like you anyways!"

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