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I've used this website (www.livefoods.co.uk) for a while to buy calci worms for my beardie, until a month ago when he stopped eating and showed all the classic signs of a stomach infection. I keep his tank super clean and am very attentive, and I was worried I was going to lose him. I've nursed him back and he's on the mend now thankfully, but I was mystified as to why he might have gotten so ill.

Cut to today, and I opened my fresh pack of calci worms from this website, ordered the day before. Opening the tubs, I found putrid, rotten worms in the top of every single one, they've obviously been dead for some time and have been sitting there leaking bacteria into the whole tub. Some of them are so far gone they are practically liquid. Now obviously I can't prove it was a previous batch from this site that got him sick, but if product is allowed to leave the site in this condition (10 whole tubs, all the same!) it really would not surprise me. UK owners beware, and if possible I would like a recommendation for a better source of worms to feed him back up to health, as he has very little interest in any other insects.

Thanks for reading, if I can stop another beardie and their owner from going through what I've just been through it will be worth it.


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Wow so sorry that happened to your poor little dragon. Unfortunately, things like that happen but
shouldn't. There are a lot more incidents it seems like these days with less oversight on shipments,
which is frustrating indeed.
Is he doing ok or still having tummy issues? I would recommend starting him on some probiotics for
awhile to help balance out his system, it should help quite a bit.

Let us know how he is doing.

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