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Last Dec. I purchased 2 4 month old BD,thinking the family would take only a passing interest.How wrong I was!!!! My 2 kids-older-now feed,clean tank,light tank and now take over my duties!They buy the crickets and worms and do the feeding.What a surprise.i do help,but I feel I am intruding on their pets.Beardies have created a huge interest here and everyone is fascinated by their behavior.


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That's great! Kids get so exicited over a new pet and then they tend to fizzle out after awhile. My kids are still in love with our beardie almost a year later.


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How old are your 2 kids? That's great to have your beardie become so popular with the family and the kids to be so involved with its care!


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kids get along well with beardies. my 9yr old is super attached to our rescue beardie named rusty. rusty HATES everyone except my son. he feeds rusty cleans rusty gives him water everything. he even watches tv and playes games with rusty
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