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Attention kids and adults wanting to go into an animal science career: I have the solutions for you.

I have made a list of career possibilities and ideas for those who are fed up with how behind veterinary care is. I’m going into human medicine, but the fact that it’s harder to get into veterinary school as opposed to medical school is mind boggling to me because people around the world have so many pets! Here is my list of options for you guys:

Business people:
• I suggest opening an animal hospital because you can hire veterinarians who specialize in specific species. If you do this, you should have more than just dog and cat specialists; Have bird specialists, snake specialists, lizard specialists, terrapin specialists, aquatic amphibian specialists, terrestrial/semi aquatic amphibian specialists, fish specialists, and believe it or not — non-vertebrate specialists who can work with corals. The issue with exotic veterinarians is that they have to know so many animals that they can’t specialize, which contributes to misdiagnosis and malpractice.
• Open research facilities to better improve animal medicine. Human medicine revolves around animal sciences, so if you guys can foster the cure for reptilian gout, then humans will benefit from that knowledge, too.
• Create an academic department at a university or public college that revolves around animal sciences. The more students you can get ready for veterinary school, the higher success these people will find.
• Get yourself into a position to control how many veterinary students can be accepted to a veterinary school. If we have this specialist system, then there should be plenty of jobs for people to have when they graduate vet school.

• Become a teacher and try to teach your students a lot about animals. Make them fit the curriculum somehow. The more you can get students to think about animals, the more you can leave an impression on them.
• If you’re a student, create an animal club at your school that raises money for furthering animal science and charities helping animals. Kids are capable of amazing things!
• Sponsor an academic program that deals with anything animal related! I went to a high school with an animal science classroom that was well-funded and the animals were taken care of beautifully and they really taught even the most troubled kids how animals work through hands-on experience.
• Work at zoo education programs! One of the pillars of a zoo is education, and let me tell you that I learned more from 30 minutes at the Bronx zoo than I learned in a semester at college in an animal-centric biology class.
• Educators, raise money through fundraising at your school so a zoologist can come to the school and put on an assembly with real animals. My favorite part of elementary school was having the people from the zoo down the street bring in animals like macaws, bunnies, giant millipedes, bearded dragons, Asian monitors, and even a juvenile alligator. The same goes for aquarium zoologists! We had people come in from the aquarium with touch tank animals (with the exception of sea urchins) for us to touch and learn about. We also got to touch horseshoe crabs, which to this day I stand out in the water with them in July and follow their HUGE migration to the salt marshes in my town to go deposit eggs. It’s fun and they come out of nowhere, so it’s kinda like suddenly your bright purple crocs are the center of attention for hundreds of new mothers–to–be and the competing fathers–to–be. ?

• Become a zoologist! It combines husbandry, veterinary care, and education all in one job. You can work with wild animals in this career.
• Become an ecotour guide. You can teach others about the importance of conserving the environment of animals while enjoying nature. You can’t handle animals in this field, but you are helping teach people to be nice to wild animals.
• Become a park ranger! You can prosecute people for violating laws protecting animals.
• Become a habitat manager! Data you publish from this job actually helps improve medicine for not only non-human animals, but also for humans.
• Go into animal rescue. This job is super sad and you’ll be euthanizing more animals than you’d like, but if you care about giving animals justice, then this is your career. Once again, I must stress that there will be many cases where you can’t do a dang thing to save the life of an animal, and sometimes you’ll see abusers being allowed to keep their animals. You will still be able to save at least some of the animals you recover from bad situations.
• Become a professor! You can inspire the rising youth to treat the planet and the animals on it with greater dignity and care than previous generations.
• Become a pre-veterinary academic advisor. Help students figure out what they need to do to get on track with their animal career.
• Become a documentary writer or producer! This is the most common way of educating the public about animals.
• Become a veterinary pathologist. Are you good at diagnosing sick animals rapidly? You are needed here.
Become a veterinary pharmacologist!!! Think you can treat ADV in beardies by making medicine? DO THIS!
• Become a veterinary surgeon. Do surgery on an animal.
• Become an animal breeder. We need responsible breeders out there who can sell healthy animals!
• Manufacture habitats for bearded dragons! We need an affordable habitat with a built in slot to just slide a UVB fixture into under the hood, lol.

There are many jobs that involve animals that we need more people to get into so we can change the future of beardie medicine in a positive way. I hope by the time I’m old, people will be much wiser about the planet and the animals that live on it.
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