Vet Mis-diagnosis? Male or female?

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Simple question: Is my dragon male or female?

Charmander was sold to me at 5 months old by a reputable breeder, as a male dragon. Shortly after, I took him to an exotic veterinarian, Dr. Susan Kelleher of Broward Avian & Exotic (I live in the area and had no idea they were the star of a National Geographic show before I started going there - I was just looking for a good vet!). I had been going to Avian & Exotic for years, as this isn't my first beardie, and I usually was seen by Dr. Santiago Diaz (who is excellent with reptiles). Dr. Diaz moved to Orlando to open his own practice, so I needed to see another vet at the BA&E.

Long story short, Dr. K strongly insisted that my dragon was female, across 2 separate vet visits. During the last visit, my dragon was about 1 year old. I believe her main evidence was the femoral pores, which I suppose are smaller than average (I wonder if being a Leatherback affects their size?). I'm not one to deny a professional opinion, so I figured the breeder was somehow wrong. I don't breed my dragons, so I didn't really care or tell my breeder about the diagnosis.

Well, I do mentally apologize to my breeder now. I noticed a bulge at the base of Charmander's tail today, and decided to fully inspect what was going on. I am NOT a vet, but I have to say this looks male as heck to me.


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