Very active beardie? Normal?

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Hey, I was wondering how often and for how long you let your beardie roam.

I have an 18 month beardie, male, and he has been really active lately, glass surfing, wall surfing, bumping wall/glass with his nose, etc. He has been doing this for months, I think ever since he came out of brumation, early this year. "Spring fever", I think you guys call it- but is it this bad for all beardies?

All husbandry is well; He has a weekly roach order subscription now, first one on it's way, that will be his staple now instead of worms. He isn't eating the veggies I am offering him, though. I've talked about that; we figured out he got hooked on the worms. He has a 4x2x2 tank, with a wide, honeycomb top, and a 48" zoo med uvb, t5 10.0, that I will change out for a 24" 12%, when they are back in stock. When he goes to the bathroom, it is healthy, temps are perfect, his basking spot is a stick but I am soon changing it to something better, with a nice flat surface he can lay on.

He does this all day, every day, and it was so bad yesterday I turned off his lights early to calm him down.

I really never let him run around. It is so scary- my room is the best place to let him do so, and even if I close the door, and pick up, there are still cords and cracks he can get into.

Today, I finally did let him run- I picked up my room, made sure my pets were out, closed the door, and shoved stuff under my recliner/ doors/ tank tables etc. He did run around, and I was really confident in the safety of my room, so I could look down at my schoolwork, take a note, and keep a really good eye on him at the same time.
He ran all over the place, and licked everything- but he also tried to get out of my door. (Butted his nose on it, wall surfing). How does he know it is my door?!?!?!?! Smart little guy..? He sees the hallway traffic when it is open.

My room is pretty substantially sized, too, I have a full size desk for school, a coffee table, my bed, two tanks with their own tables, a recliner, and still have a ton of open room- yet he wall surfed on my door, and not really other surfaces. I let him run for about 25 minutes, and he kept running over to a corner, so I put him back, right before I wrote this.

Now, he is hiding in his log, dark, curled up, looking at me, doing that thing where his "eyebags" are kinda up, like he is squinting but not- I hope you know what I mean.

What is going on? It stresses me out a ton, and makes me too anxious and distracted to do school- I am worried about him, nothing fixes it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, as always

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 4
I would let him roam for 2 hrs then put him back in his tank to warm up- you can set up a basking light somewhere in your house for him to go to warm up--- CooperDragon has one set up for his dragon-- I let my two out for about 2 hrs a day or so alternating the days each one comes out-- I watch them in the LR as I have cats and they are supervised --- cats are usually sleeping and could care less

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If it's spring where you are , welcome to beardie silly season .

Especially if you are keeping an adult male .

Especially trying for keepers of adult male bearded dragons who go absolutely crazy ( head banging at anything that looks "sexy", doing unmentionable things to "sexy" looking objects he spies on the floor, bed, lounge, YOU.

I assure you that YOU will survive this and in a month or two your nice quiet laid back dragon be back to doing what they prefer doing ( ie basking, eating, taking afternoon siestas, having quality snuggle time, and essentially mostly pretending it's a statue or a bit of tree stump ) .

I'd let him out and let him gallop about and explore in a safe area under supervision and burn off some those hormone driven beans . When he curls up , he's ready to be cuddled or to back into his tank.
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