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im in the middle of making a 4x2x2 viv and i have 4 of the small circular 2in vents, i was wondering if this is goin to be enough or will it get to hot in there? im planning on using a 100w heat lamp. does anyone have a simular setup? what sort temps do you get? when im complete i will check it befor terri goes in there but it would suck if i get to the end then find out its way too hot and i need to add more vents!


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how big are the circular vents? i have four 4x2x2 enclosures and i cut two 4''x12'' vents in the sides up top. if your temps get a little too hot just put a dimmer switch on you basking bulb that way you can dim it down to fine tune the temps. on the enclosures i just built im not sure about how quickly they will heat up but i will be posting all that info on my diy thread. my enclosures will just turn the basking bulbs off automatically if it gets too hot and on automatically if the temps drop too low. so i will prolly be running rather large bulbs to insure i can reach the temps im after... i would go with a 100w bulb for starters and put a dimmer switch on it and i thing that will work spot on!!


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Just to be safe I would add two more on each end if your others are on the back wall.

I have two 15x5in vents and it gets pretty hot in the summer. I may add two more small vents on the heat side.


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thanks guys for your reply. the vents are the 2"x2" circular ones. i have 4 and was plannin on puttin 2 on each end and leavin the back with none but by the sounds of it you guys have bigger ones. hmm i will have to get some more, oki doki.
cheers guys and bandit your set-up sounds HENCH, i read your 'mother of all enclosures' post. cant wait to see pics!!!


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ill get some pics up soon! : ) im hanging the doors tonight. i had to use screen for the openings on the doors cuz it was gonna be like 80+$ for 8 peices of lexan or glass so i will be taking the screen off and replacing it with glass next payday! lol! this project has got me pinchin pennys! lol!


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Lol, im making a 48X27X24 viv soon. 3 sides glass, back will be wood, + i need a new UV bulb (reptisun 10.0 36 or 48 inch florecent ) and tiling and the wood and everything else. I'm pinchin pennies :p :)
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