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Veneer faux stone panelling


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Hi! We got a 2 year old Bearded Dragon about a year ago. I've been doing a lot of research on care and habitat and this site has been very helpful. My husband is currently building Leonard a custom 4×2×2 enclosure. I've been looking into the best ways to decorate it to make is resemble his natural habitat. I've seen some really cool stuff on here with the foam and concrete, but I simply don't have the time to invest in all of that. I was looking on Amazon for the best 3D foam backdrops but I'm underwhelmed. Then I had an idea, which leads me to my question: home depot sells veneer faux stone panels for fireplaces/outside house resurfacing/ect. Would this be a safe option to use on the wall as a back drop for my enclosure? It is built out of wood, and will have maple 1/4 in. Underlayment lining this inside. I plan on putting a sealer to protect against humidity and ceramic tiles on the floor. Here is the link to the stone veneers I have in mind: https://www.homedepot.com/p/GenStone-Stacked-Stone-Desert-Sunrise-12-in-x-42-in-Faux-Stone-Siding-Panel-G2SSDSHP/309651076


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Did you ever use that faux stone siding panel? I realize this is now over a year old, so would love to know if you or anyone else has used this. I think it would be a great idea, but have not really looked at what it is made out of yet. Aesthically it is pleasing, I would prefer the iron ore personally, but I have read that beardies prefer lighter backgrounds so the vanilla bean would probably be best if I were to go with something like this. I hope someone shares if they have used this in their enclosures or if there are any reasons not to use it.
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