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Hi Everyone,

I'm thinking of adopting a Veiled Chameleon from the humane society. I've been reading care guides and it looks quite doable and while the setup, and temps/humidity are different the idea is similar to my beardie. Proper UVB at the right distance, right hydration, proper food/vitamins and proper overall; husbandry.

My question to the group is does anyone here have one? And if so what are your experiences with it? I don't expect them to be as cuddly as my beardie, but socially do they need a lot of stimulation or are they best in a low traffic room?

The one I'm thinking about is an adult, over 3 years and male so it has potentially 2-5 years left. I have a 60 x 45 x 60 cm 24” x 18” x 24” (WxDxH) tank that I used to keep anoles in that I'm thinking I could use.

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I have spent quite a while researching them, but havnt taken the leap yet. Chameleons are much more sensitive than dragons. Being arboreal they appreciate hight (24" sounds too short to me) and need LOTS of ventilation. A standard tank won't be suitable.

In general chameleons are look but don't touch lizards. They are sensitive to stress so handling isn't good for them and from what I understand veileds tend to be less friendly. They do best in low traffic rooms with plenty to hide in, another reason bigger cages are nice.

Hopefully someone with first hand experience can help you out or check out a chameleon forum, ( seems like a decent one)


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I figured they were more of a look don't touch type. This is fine for me as I can keep them in a separate room from my beardie. I've always wanted one but haven't been in a place to get one until now.

I think I could build a custom viv, extra tall with awesome foliage. As they have similar diets to my beardie the food thing is already covered and the pet sitter I have would be able to handle both easily.

Thanks for the forum info, it looks quite good.


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I use to breed them a very long time ago. They are not as delicate as some species. They don't require as much humidity as some. Absolutely mainly just for observing...
They don't stress as easily as some, but they still stress with handling. One of the easier chameleons to keep.
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