Varieties and where to buy/avoid?

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So maybe this should go in a different section, but I was not sure!

My question is regarding selecting a new beardie to adopt, and if anyone could let me know if there are places online you would recommend... or places to avoid!
The only pet shop with beardies in my area is Petco, which is fine, too, but I wanted to know my options.

Also, is there somewhere to go online to see pictures of certain types when they are grown, like citrus, tiger, etc. In case I buy from somewhere where I could choose what kind.

I am a newbie, hoping to start the adoption process in a month or so.



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I would highly recommend rio reptiles. If you want to see what adult colors or morphs look like I found a1 reptiles has pictures of many different kinds on their home screen. Hope this helped!


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Like Max said, Rio Reptiles is great. I got Scully from Rainbow Bearded Dragons, they specialize in the orange/red colors. There's Blood Bank who have cool morphs like dunners.
Honestly there's so much stuff out there. You could probably do a search on this site and find a better list. Try google searching too. All depends on the colors you want and the amount of $ you want to spend.


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I too got Harley my little girl from Rainbow Bearded Dragons. Tamara was great pre and post sale. She answered all my questions when I got Harley and even called me to give a checklist of stuff to do to help Harley settle in since she was only a 6 inch 6 week old baby when I got her. Now here she is 15 inches and about 6.5 months later and Harley is a cuddling pudgeball of dragon who loves to sleep on my bed wrapped up in her blankie :lol: But like Jenfid said, Rainbow Bearded Dragons works with orange/reds so if you are looking for a citrus, you will be outta luck there.


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Thanks everyone! I will check these out for sure!

Anyone have any info about ?
They seem to have some cute babies and reasonable prices, and their care sheet is very in depth and seems accurate.

Going to look at Rainbow and Rio now!


Sub-Adult Member and Rio are one and the same :). At least run by the same people. The first is more for supplies than actual dragons.


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JenFid":2epl9814 said: and Rio are one and the same :). At least run by the same people. The first is more for supplies than actual dragons.

Ohhhhhhh ok! Lol. My newbie-ness is showing hehe :oops:
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