UVB Question: Reptisun compacts?

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Hey all, here's my question: I know that the zilla compact coil UVB lights are not recommended, and that the Reptisun tubes are the way to go, but what about the Reptisun compact bulbs? They're not coiled bulbs, they're 4 short tubes that can screw into a standard lamp. Should I still have something that stretches across the whole length of the cage, or would one of those lights at either end be sufficient? I'm just a little strapped for cash and can't necessarily afford a $40 light every 6 months, but I've found really good prices for the Reptisun compacts.


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I do believe I've seen some stories on here of the ReptiSun coils and compacts harming beardies unfortunately. :( I definitely know how the money thing goes though! We get our ReptiSun 10.0 tubes from PetMountain.com (I think it was around $29 with shipping for one tube), and some websites like Bigappleherp.com even give discounts if you buy more than one tube at a time :)


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Yes, the compacts are just as bad as the coils...both cause harm to your beardie...the reptisun 10.0 tube or the arcadia 12% are the only ones that are recommended...like the above post says check around online and you can usually find good deals.


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If you don't have that much money every 6 months, I'd recommend you go with the arcadia, as that only needs changing every 12 months. It might be a bit more expensive than the reptisun over there, but I still think it works out cheaper given that it lasts twice as long.


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Thanks for the knowledge guys, I ended up picking up a 24" fixture today @ meijer and I'm planning on ordering a tube somewhere, I checked out bigappleherp & they have a 2pack of reptisun 10.0s for $47 shipped, but I want to see if I could still find anything better.
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