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Hi there,

I recently read about how the UVB light is not supposed to extend the entire length of the tank or be too close to your dragon (or maybe just their basking spot). Anyways, I am more confused now that I was before.

I am wondering if my UVB is too close to my beardie, and if it is bad that it runs the entire length of the tank. It's outside the tank above mesh, but I don't know if the mesh is fine enough to be filtering out 30% of the UVB rays (it might still be full strength). I'll attach photos of the mesh too.

I just want to make sure the light won't be damaging his eyes or anything else. It is a T5 ReptiSun, the fixture is reflective and just barely longer than 36 inches (length of enclosure). I've had the bulb for under 5 months.

top view, UVB is long fixture in back:

i know its cluttered, he is still little and loves to climb, will be more spacious as he gets bigger:



is this too close?

He basks mostly on the big red rock in the very front left of the enclosure.

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong, thank you!


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That setup should be just fine. You have areas to climb that allow close access to the bulb if desired. You also have it set toward the back, which will create a nice gradient toward the front of the enclosure. Plenty of shade areas too. I like it =)

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