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Hi all -

I just purchased two 4x2x2 from zen habitats for both of my beardies and have a couple questions about setting up the lights.

For Bruce's current set up he has a 4 ft light diagonally over his 4 ft, 8 inch weird tank. It's also really tall, over 2 feet. There's no screen over it and I hate it. Anyway, I was going to use this with his new zen habitats tank but:
1) does his 48" reptisun 10 UVB T5 HO need to be IN the tank? and,

2) if I build a ledge/catwalk with stairs on either side that runs the length of the enclosure thus providing a shady area UNDER the catwalk/ledge - is the still getting too much UV? Should I just suck it up and buy shorter lights/hoods? If I have to buy shorter ones, giving him a non uvb area, is there somewhere I could donate these big ass lights to? They were so expensive.

Sierra has the same hood and same light but she has a 40gal breeder and it goes the length as well of her tank.


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48'' is pretty big, but it should work as long as you can create some gradients so there are shade and low UVB areas to retreat to. Set the UVB along the front or back of the enclosure and that will provide a gradient along the depth of it. I do this with my 36'' and it works well. You can set it on top. Just keep in mind the mesh top will intercept a bit, so you'll want to allow slightly closer access for basking. Maybe 10-12'' below the bulb for the main basking area. That's not set in stone though, as long as you are providing options with different UVB and heat levels.


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Awesome - that’s what I was hoping for. I got the taller one so that could create a lip and shaded area so he moved around more. He’s a bit of a potato. Lol.


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