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UVB inside of tank


New member
Hi all,

We've had our beardy Taco for almost 3 weeks now and were sold a coil UVB lamp when we bought him. After reading about the dangers of the coiled lamps, I bought a 30" Reptisun Hood with a 24" T8 bulb. Now I've been reading that because the mesh filters out a lot of the UVB light, the bulb needs to be inside the tank. I currently have him in a 30x12x12 tank, so the hood is pretty much the same length as the tank and I'm not quite sure how to fit that inside. I also purchased a T5 HO bulb, but don't have the T5 hood for it. Not sure if the T5 through the mesh screen will be too much output for the small tank. Any recommendations on getting the T8 inside the tank? Thanks all.


BD.org Sicko
The T 5 can sit on top of the tank -- as long as the screen is a wide hole type --- no fine mesh like a screen door -- the T 8 needs to be UBOBSTRUCTED-- you can take the screen and pull it forward and place the T 8 on top in the back of the tank w/ a piece of basking decor directly underneath 6-8 inches -- it is often not recommended that a UVB be completely across the tank - they need to be able to get out of the UVB rays w/ out having to hide from the UVB -- 1/2 the tank size would of been fine for a UVB
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