UVB for 75 Gallon tank


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I had to separate my two female beardies two weeks ago. One was getting a little hormonal, not eating and digging a lot and was quite a bit smaller than the other one. I moved the larger beardie to a new tank. She isn't getting used to her tank very easily.

I had a 24" UV T5 HO 5.0 on the new tank so I switched it to a 34" T5 5.0 HO. The other tank that she's used to had a T8 10.0 34" bulb. The tank is 75 gallon with doors on the front. Is the 34" T5 5.0 HO ok for her tank?

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The length is good but you may want to use a 10.0 or 12% bulb. The output of the 5.0 is best at only about 6-8'' below the bulb. The higher output bulbs are best at around 12-14'' or so.

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