Uvb for 5x2x2(skip 2 last 2 sentence for main question)

I just built Zeus(zeusy blue bars I call him when talking to him)a 5x2x2 enclosure. 100⁰-105⁰ basking. 90⁰ ambient hot side down to 82⁰-75⁰ or so on the cool side. Tile floor. Logs rocks and varying granite for him to climb around and shelter too if he chooses.. Right now he has a 36" zoo-med T5 H.O. hood with a 10.0 34" bulb(I believe the 34" bulb is 39watt). I just ordered 2 arcadia 14% dragon lamps because this enclosure is much larger than his 40 gallon breaker he was raised in. He is just under a year old. I'd love to post a pic or 2 but don't know how. Just curious on your thoughts as I have heard the Dragon lamp 14% do great on top of larger enclosures. About 16"-20" away from basking spot I'd say.


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I would only use the 36" UVB - 14% bulbs are very strong and w/ all 3 of those UVB's in the tank your going to have him hiding from them --- the 36" fixture is going to be sufficient-- distance for the T 5 should be 12-15 inches directly over the basking decor piece -- you want to have him be able to sit in his tank w/out sitting under the UVB all the time - I have a 4x2x2 and use a 24" fixture and my dragons are fine--- I have two basking spots set up for them -- one being where the UVB is and one w/ out


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No way would I use 3. Maybe I wrote it wrong. I meant to say currently using a 10.0 bulb but am switching to the 14% dragon lamp for the new enclosure. I ordered 2 bulbs so I always have a spare. I would never use 3 uvb bulbs. Poor guy. 3 bulbs might be border line cruelty. Glad to know the dragon lamps are that good. Thanks for the response


BD.org Sicko
Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Ok w/ the planning of use for the 14% bulb you want distance of 17-18 inches directly above the basking decor piece

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