UVB Burned Out - What Replacement Should I Get?

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So my UVB burned out today after a month of use. It was a coil bulb that came with the tank set-up. I have read on here that you recommend other things but I can't seem to find the exact answer to my question. What should I get? (It is a 40 gal tank with a sub adult in there.)

Ideally, what would both fixtures be? Going back to the Petsmart website I am trying to figure out what I bought but the tank kit I bought is no longer on their site. Guessing it was this All Living Things Neodymium Basking Bulb http://www.petsmart.com/supplies/bulbs-lamps/all-living-things-reptile-neodymium-basking-bulb-zid36-14792/cat-36-catid-500036?var_id=36-14792&_t=pfm%3Drecently_viewed. Thought it was 75 watt but can't find any markings on it now. It keeps his basking spot in the mid 90s.

Any help appreciated.


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Just found your getting started section with bulb recommendations! Awesome! However, I think I now need a new screen top. The tank came with a lid that is mostly plastic with enough area to hold about 3 domes. I don't think I can fit a long light and his basking bulb.
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