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So I got a tube-light from a pet store that I enjoy going to because they seem quite knowledgeable of everything they have and love the pets as well as the customers. They sold me a 24" fixture and pulled out the original light (an Eclipse fluorescent bulb of some sort) and stuck in (what I just figured out) a Pro-lume 15W fluorescent. I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues with it or knows whether or not the UV given off is correct (and/or enough) and would reach far enough. It's apparently what they use in the store and when I asked they said it's effective at between 20-24" and anything beyond that diminishes the capacity quite a bit.

Not saying I don't trust them, but I just wanted a second opinion on the bulb. Thanks.


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Never heard of that brand. Googling it brings up a lot of household bulbs. I only see stuff about them being daylight rated. That only refers to the amount of visible light they produce. I didn't see anything about uv.
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