Using fiber Glass with PU( car paint)

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I have a friend who customizes speaker boxes for sound system setups. Sorta like a pimp your ride shop.

I want to make a fake climbing rock wall and flooring, cave, water bowl, food bowl. Will Fiber Glass be safe painted with Poly Urethane for our Dragons?

Thanks for reading! :-D


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The fiber glass will be fine. For paint that will also be ok but I would use a marine grade sealer or clear coat as it is made for standing water. Most poly's will break down from having water sit on them for extended periods.


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Awesome, thanks man! :) This would be great coz you will have custome designs, light weight, east remove and clean.

Most likely I will have it modular, two separate standing walls, and two separate floors for easier maintenance. if one poops, I just take out the area they pooped at.

But I am still considering tiles for flooring as well.

Will have it quoted soon :) I mite have it done maybe next month as my initial expences have already gone above $200. :-( Still, it doesnt hurt coz these babies are just wonderful to have. Wonderpets! lolz.
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