useless facts about BSFL for no one's enjoyment.

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Nvm about the old title I used, this has been changed btw. but here are some useless facts. DISCLAIMER! (These are my own opinions if you disagree please keep anything to yourselves unless it is positive.) I use BSFL for calcium in my bearded dragon (BSFL is shown to help bearded dragons grow faster) and they have D3 in them, so you don't have to dust, they are cheaper than others where I buy feeders so that is a bonus they aren't noisy like crickets, they don't need to be gut-loaded and are generally still so they are easy to catch. Hope you enjoyed, Emerilthedragon.
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nvm... I researched a bit on BSFL and figured out they have built-in vitamin D3 lol sorry about the post. is there any way to delete useless posts like this one?

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