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Urate, No Poo, Not eating

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Hi, so I’ve had my beardie for about a year (he’s a year and four months to be exact) and have never had any sort of problem with bowel movements! He’s always had a great system. Eat, and then poop almost as soon as he’s digested. But for the past two weeks, he hasn’t wanted food and hasn’t pooped.

I’m a worrier. Within the first four days of him not pooing, we went to the vet. Now, he’s not showing any signs of lethargy or wanting to hide. He’s still his normal self, despite having always been on the calm side. He still goes for a roam around when I let him, basks in his hammock, and his fat pads are nice and healthy. Anyway- so the vet. At the vet he got an x-ray, and there’s no blockage, but he is indeed starting to get backed up they had said. However, the stool was still soft so they weren’t sure why he wasn’t passing it. Still got a fluid injection to the tummy to try to get things moving, and pooed a good amount with (unfortunately) an enema. We were prescribed lactulose syrup to give once daily, natural sunlight soaks, and three to four baths (which, the baths and tummy massages had been happening since the moment i thought he was constipated).

The vet was a week ago as of tomorrow. Still no notable poo. He passes urate just fine and without strain, maybe a l i t t l e poo, but nothing to soothe my worry. I have been (carefully to keep aspiration out of the picture) syringe feeding baby food squash since he won’t eat, i’ve tried prunes and olive oil, canned pumpkin, ALL THESE TRICKS but to no avail and now I’m panicking. He doesn’t seem sick, but I’m so worried about him because in the bath you can feel how backed up he is. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to do another enema because I know how stressful those are, but I love my little guy so much.

We DID just move to a new house, but the problem started before that and his cage setup is the exact same. Terrarium is a little over 3 feet long, a foot width wise, and a foot and a half depth wise.
18” zilla t8 uvb bulb
Zoo Med 100 watt basking bulb as well as a 100watt ceramic heat admitter. Both are on during day since the cage is deeper, and he has a log to bask as well as his hammock to get closer to the lamps. When he basks he usually ranges in temp from 100-108. Uvb and light turn on at 9am, off at 9pm as they’re on a timer. Cool side of the cage is 79. He’s on repticarpet so substrate impaction isn’t an issue.

Diet is medium dubia roaches (dusted two times a week with herptivite and calcium with vit d), collard greens, bell pepper, occasional squash and occasional berry. He’s never been a big salad eater but I always tell him he’s gotta eat his vegetables and plate wiggle so that he at least eats the collard greens. He also will get hornworms for a treat from time to time, and has been offered calciworms but isn’t a fan of them. I think they’re just too small for his tastes, even though his roaches are the normal “no bigger than between the eyes” length.

I think that’s all the info I have to provide - if anyone can help me figure out what might be up with my dragon son that would be so great :(

And then here is a pic of the boi
the wonky posture of his legs are just how he’s sitting, no signs of MBD. He walks just fine and has all straight leggies and toes. No crooked tail either.


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Maybe he needs some running around the house to get things moving. I usually do the unsweetened applesauce and some baby food prunes puree and a few drops of olive oil. It would seem like a hornworm would do the trick. Mine won’t poop in his tank, so I’ve got to get him out to run around. He also has his spot in the kitchen on the linoleum floor where he goes, but he need his privacy, lol. I hope yours will go soon. I mark it on the calendar.
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