Update on the 'izzards

I haven't posted on here in awhile, it seems. So I wanted to give err'one an update on my babies.

Toothless is about 5 months, a little over 300 grams and about 17 inches long, maybe 18. He's still a huge baby and likes to get in my face and stare at me until I "kiss" him under the chin.

Nova is four months, about 15 inches long and right at 270 grams, she was 106g when we got her October 25th. She's sweet and calm but prefers to be in her tank than really out.

The photo of the lizard on the hide/rock is Toothless. The one who looks like their flying and singing on the piece of wood is Nova and so is the other with her staring straight at me. 😂😂 her spikes look like whiskers.😅


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Leatherback Beardie: Rico 5 y/o Tangerine AFT: Toothless 1 y/o
Love the name toothless I just got a fat tail gecko 2 weeks ago and also named it toothless😂


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Nawh! They are looking so great, fat and happy! You’ve been caring for them really well, keep it up!


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They both look great and happy, keep up the good work!! ..... Toothless had to show off his sexy leg just for emphasis lol. 😆 🤣 😂


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They both look great and happy, keep up the good work!! ..... Toothless had to show off his sexy leg just for emphasis lol. 😆 🤣 😂
Man. They sploot so much, they look paralyzed or something.😂😂 toothless has discovered he can jump from his tank to our bed safely and it's been a nightmare.😅

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