Update on my now 1ft+ beardie.

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Hey guys, it's SpyroSkylander. Haven't posted in a while. Just updating you all on my baby beardie, well he's not a baby anymore. He's getting huge and his colours are coming out beautifully. He is an Italian Leather back. Standard leatherback colours but they're still pretty. Green/yellow. We are inseperable and he even takes food from my hand now. We fall asleep together nearly every night and he's always eager for me to hold and play with him. His personality is outstanding. We've been through about 7 bulbs and 2 UV bulbs. (he basks the sh*t out of them) he eats lots of veggies, I still give him dusted crix once a day but reducing the amount that is given every week or so. He has had no health problems, except losing the tip of his nail by playing acrobat from his branch to water bowl. Hopefully we have many more years of fun to come and I shall post another update soon.


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Aww, he's got such a sweet face! :love5:

Wow, over 1 foot long! Do you know how much he weighs?


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I haven't weighed him but I shall and post it. Most of the length is in his tail. :) but I'm just glad he's healthy. When I first got him I was so worried but things have worked out fine. I want to get a leatherback female and breed him some day because he's a smasher. He loves getting his photo took. As you can see:


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I really do want to get him a girlfriend but not until we're both ready. Yeah he's pretty awesome, check out my blog on this site too. It's called Spyro the Dragon. No, not the purple one. I post photos of him nearly everyday. Thanks for the comments. :) - Also the thing about the sand, everyone has their own ideas, I keep him on sand as he's the right size and his basking temp is about 115 degrees and he has a bath twice a week. He has no problems with impactiom, yes it poses a risk but not a high one if you make sure it's done correctly. Also, the sand I use is children's playsand, it's extremely thin. I wouldn't reccomend using sand that has been 'specially developed' for reptiles. I had him on carpet when he was a baby and he's taken to the sand great. He loves digging into it, also, he doesn't eat insects in his viv.
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