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Hi everyone!!
Hugo will be two months old tomorrow. :blob5: He is eating great!! He weighs 25 grams and is 8.5 inches long.

We are still getting use to one another, since he has only been here for 9 days. He is very calm when I hold him, now. I unblocked one side of the tank, so he can see me while on the computer. He still likes to poop on his basking platform. But that is ok..I am glad that he is pooping. :D

The first five days were worrisome, because he was not eating much. But, now...WOW!! Yesterday was 30 nymph dubias and ten small crickets. I have also noticed that he is starting to pick at the veggies. I have a feeling that this little guy will not be staying "little", much longer. I need to start plans for a newer and bigger viv, since he is only in a 29 gallon tank now. Hope you enjoy the pics:




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Yay Hugo!

Sounds like he is turning into quite the big boy! :mrgreen:



Great looking dragon and it sounds like you're doing a great job with him. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks everyone!! Will defintely keep updating pics. Oh, by the way, I ordered some horn worms, but they are way too big for Hugo. They will not be wasted. My Leopard Geckos love them. I will have to wait a while, before feeding any to Hugo. He still got some Phoenix worms...so all is good. :D


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Time for another update:
Hugo weighed 224 grams today, and is 14.5 inches long. He is almost 4 months old. His eating slowed down, while he was shedding. This is him after the shed. Talked to Hans @ CustomCages, and they will be shipping his new 4x2x2 viv out this week. So excited!!! :blob5: :blob8:
I let him run around a bit in the computer/lizard room. He did really good, although he thought the carpet was something to eat, and was tugging on it. :roll:


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Thanks!! I had to post this one of the stinky eye!! He was sitting on my lap. He must be trying to tell me, that I am taking too many pictures, LOL!!! :D


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Wow, he's really got some beautiful coloring!

And I think he's gonna REALLY be a big boy by the time he's full grown!

What a neat guy you have! :D


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Thanks!!! He is growing up so fast. I am amazed how his personality is so sweet! I just received his big viv, and now getting ready to put it together. He has out grown his 30 gallon tank. Definitely needs more space.


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tazznzeppelin":qzqfc3wr said:
I love his blue stripes on his back! Very handsome Hugo.
Thanks! I am amazed at the blue coloring. The picture shows the blue more intent, then actually. But, it is definitely a slate blue color. I take him out, twice daily, for 10-15 mins. I think the real sunshine is bringing out his colors. :D
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