Unfortunate News regarding Solar Glo MVB

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Well it is not that there are 2 totally different glos, it is just the newer production of the bulb is not as effective as the bulbs made in prior years and yes yours is a newer bulb.I do not want to say it is defective because it is not defective as much as it isn't as effective as it used to be.Understand or did I confuse you more because it is late and I am tired..lol.


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WaveCaver3":rm423anb said:
So basically i should probably get a new different MVB bulb. (Like a mega-ray or T-Rex)
It's hard to know WHICH buls are good anymore :( I would read this entire thread really good before you make a decision. I think the safest bet right now is the Reptisun 10.0 tube.


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Bearded dragons stoped basking under solar glo! I know there UVB output is terrible but that's all I have until I get money to buy a reptisun! I don't know what to do other than remove it. And just take the beardies out everyday, allday. Any ideas on what to do?


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I am sorry, I can usually answer questions regarding UVB problems. I am out of answers at this time due to all of the lighting problems.
I, as well, am having the same problem as you are. I am using Solar Glo's also & they have been in for a few months now, & they simply don't bask under them very much anymore. At first they did, but I am suspicious that the UVB levels have drastically decreased is most likely the problem. I am getting a meter this week FINALLY so I will be able to determine what the problem is soon. I have been busting my butt getting them outside every single day, sweating for them as much as possible! I am trying to figure out what to do too.
If you can get your dragon (s) outside daily, that will help. How long have you had the Solar Glos for now? What are they doing, just not wanting to bask under them at all, or their total basking time is decreasing, etc? Have you noticed any ill effects like eye trouble or anything else? Are they lethargic?
The Reptisun 10 tube bulb would be the best choice for now, if you can swing it. The T-rex has a standard MVB that is a low output MVB. I know that Vicky is using them, so she should be able to tell you more about them. I think that they are limited though in quantity. I may consider them, as well.

Sorry this year has been a total bummer for lighting. :(



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I am getting a temp of 105 with a pe-1 temp gun. They are not lathargic but the past week they have stoped. There eyes are fine. But I have three solar glos and don't know what to do with them! And they aren't basking under it, just under the other cooler side lamp.

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Well, I just can't believe this, after all we went through with the T-Rex, waiting to get our money back, then I got ALL new Solar Glo's, and reading all this, I'm completely frustrated. I have noticed that my beardies don't bask long under the lights, no eye problems,which I'm grateful,............. and I was going to order 2 more bulbs, so I'm grateful I caught this thread in time.


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H2Simms and Lori that is the exact same thing I was seeing with the Solar Glo's since about November of last year. Except Simms I wasn't getting proper basking temps just before I switched I would have needed to add an additional light to get the right heat/basking temps that's why I asked you temps.


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Yes, it is extremely frustrating! We got our Solar Glo's in February not knowing that they had changed their specs! I have a UVB meter coming in the next week or so & then I will be checking the output. I am almost afraid to check them but I am really curious to know what they are emitting.
They did fine under them initially but I think that they have declined greatly now because they just don't want to bask underneath of them as much. There are no eye issues, etc, just not as active as they should be.
This has not been a good year for lights, at all.



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Hi, h2simms.
Well spotted!
I just checked that out :shock:
It's even worse. Actually, it's complete nonsense...
It says:
"The UVB is 3.5 ~ 4.0 mW/cm." ... mW - milliwatts, (i.e, not uW - microwatts..) and it should be cm2 (square centimetres, which means a surface area... just "centimetres" doesn't work, you can't have 3.5 - 4.0 milliwatts per cm. Per centimetre of what?)
1 milliwatt = 1000 microwatts, so I think this is trying to say the output is 3,500 - 4,000 uW/cm2!! :shock: :shock:

It also doesn't say from what distance.... ?? point blank range??
That's ridiculous.

However... more bad news I'm afraid.
Although the ones I tested had really low readings, someone else here in the UK just tested several brand new ones from another batch, straight out of the box, and after 10 minutes these had a horrifyingly high output (one was nearly UV Index 50 at 12") but he took measurements every 10 minutes and saw the UV decay incredibly fast - so after 6 hours it had lost nearly three-quarters of its initial output.
He is continuing to test this lamp and I've asked him to send me another one.
Quite honestly I just don't know what is going on. All I can say is - be very watchful; and remember that with all these lamps, the output starts high, and falls. You will never have a lamp suddenly get worse in the sense that the output will rise... if you're going to have trouble with too much short-wavelength UVB, it will only happen with a new lamp, not one that's been working fine for weeks or months.
But as for too little UVB - that can happen from the start, and will worsen with time.

Any more news I get, I'll post up..... :?



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Drache613":3tcwm866 said:
I am using Solar Glo's also & they have been in for a few months now, & they simply don't bask under them very much anymore. At first they did, but I am suspicious that the UVB levels have drastically decreased is most likely the problem.
Tracie, this is the same exact problem I was having with Bligg and the Solar Glo. He did wonderful under the bulb for a few months and then did not want to bask anymore. He got to the point of not basking or eating and lost a drastic amount of weight. That is when I changed back to the old Megaray and started Bligg on Critical Care. He is now basking and steadily putting weight back on.
I hated that it took me so long to realize it might be the Solar Glo, since no one was having obvious problems with them. I thought surely it's not the Solar Glo, since Frances tested the bulbs I sent her and the 125W Solar was emitting good levels of uvb. I am starting to think no two bulbs are created equal, even if from the same manufacturer. It is quite puzzling, to say the least.
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