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Unfortunate but Signs of death=/

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Please respond if you have some insight. My beardie of 8 years recently died. Strange skin colorings happened. His extremities and face and tail went pale white and his beard and some areas went jet black. He was colder than ever before obvi and just lifeless.. Im sorry to bring a sore topic but im just wondering if the skin coloring is normal for death possible disease? Please respond i need something to ease my nerves


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No no visible parasites. I'm beginning to think it was impaction. He threw up some crickets a day or two before he passed.


First of all, at 8 years old you did a really good job, a great job at taking care of your Dragon. I just lost my first Dragon at 2 years and 7 months old. She was egg bound with infertile egg's and didn't make it. I'm crushed and I could only imagine what you feel like! Dragons are incredible animals and they will hide any ailments, sickness or weaknesses until the last moment of their lives. This characteristic is their only defense towards their natural predators in the wild. All I can say to help you feel better is that your Dragon had a good long life pertaining to Dragon years. I'm more than sure your Dragon felt loved and well taken care of. You did nothing wrong! I hope you will decide to give another wonderful Dragon the same care and attention you did as the one you just lost. They are wonderful animals and I myself will surely get another one in time. Hope this helps...


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Well, maybe this might help...about 4 months before Digger died, his body went pure white, but his beard was black and his sides were black. We thought it was a bad superworm, took him to the vet, vet agreed and in a week he got better, then it started again in late February, here is the thread (there is a pic of what he looked like on page 2 and page 3)


Digger was 8 when he passed also. Each time I read when someone's beardie turns white & black I get sick at heart and won't post on their thread because I know that the beardie may be close to death. Digger fooled us back in November but it was inevitable. I wish I did get a autopsy or whatever its called done, but he had issues his whole life so I was very thankful that he lived as long as he did.

You took wonderful care of him that he lived as long as he did, 8 years old for a beardie is like around 80-90 in a human from what one of my vets had told me.


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OMG! That was the one symptom that Putzy had that I didn't connect with his passing. But for most of the last year of his far-too-short life, he was a pale milky brown except for his beard. Izzie, my first beardie, also got very pale towards the end of his life, but I just assumed it was like us going gray with age. Izzie was over 10, when he passed in his sleep.

I know I'll be keeping a close eye on Oscar's colors from now on!
P.S. 8 years is a good long life. Give yourself a little time to grieve than go find a new beardie. One who needs the love and experience you have, to have a wonderful life. There's unfortunately so many in need out there.


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i had a dragon that i rescued that got very sick after feeding him a few super worms he trew them all up went very limp and had a very black beard. his last day he turned a very light color but kept his black beard he died an hour later. i sent his body in and the result was that the coccidia had gotten into his blood stream.
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