Undigested food? (Pics inside)


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I recently switched to just feeding superworms because of a parasite problem, and it was all I could get my beardie to eat. The vet didn't flinch when I told her this, and my beardie just finished her final round of meds (almost a month and a half later...) And she is still only eating superworms as a staple. She is 8 months old, temps are by the book and she is in a 60+ gal melamine tank. Brand new uvb and two basking lights on one side.
My Amber is like that she was on a diet of greens/veggies and then at the time she would only eat was worms so I gave her them. She is just a picky eater but she was needing to be syringe fed critical care bc she was 180G-200G and refused EVERYTHING I fed her. So the vet advised me to feed her by syringe to bump her weight up bc she needed it and now all she likes is Butterworms and Hornworms

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