two new baby beardies who were lost in shipping!

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meet my two new dragons. these two i got from Kevin at the dragons den. I coulden't decide between them so he gave me a good deal on the pair. they are adorable!. they are so cute and perfect!.
we did have a pretty good scare with the shipping UPS had a delay from weather then got them 150mi from me and said they woulden't deliver now until monday I said I would drive for them then they couldent find them. they went missing for about an hour I was worried sick. they did find them at another UPS center 20mi from me but after all this still refused to deliver them today :angry5: so I ended up leaving work to go pick them up! I dont have offical names yet but I am thinking chaos for this one

maybe Chili for this one


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Omfg I would have a hearts track I probably would've punch the people in the face lol but they are what I'm looking for for my next beardie but there's not that many breeders in Canada but I love the names are they housed toghther?Cpics of there set ups?


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Those were the only pics I had from the breeder. Haven't had a chance to take some myself yet. They are in separate cages. One cage is custom made out of wood with a tile floor the other is in a 40 breeder.


beautiful colors. I wish mine were redder, Lizzy has some orange on her but nothing this vibrant. But I got mine from pet smart as I did not know where to look for them. I would be devastated if Lizzy had been lost. She is has such a sweet temperament no telling what that would have done to her stress. Guess in a way since I was able to rescue mine from Pet Smart we are fairly lucky she is a happy go lucky critter. So glad you were able to pick up your babies! May the bring you lots of fun. c.
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