Trouble getting stable temps.....pls help

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I am having a heck of a time getting my temps proper for my Uromastyx pair. I have changed things around so much in their enclosure I think I am stressing them out but I keep reading how important the proper temps are to their well being. I have tried several different basking spots and I just made them one out of slate and an upside down flower pot with a hole so they can go in and hide on the hot side if they want. However, I can get their basking spot up to 126 (however it's hard to keep it at that temp, it's all over the place and goes upwards of 135 at times) The strange thing is that the ambient temp on the hot side is only getting to about 80 degrees?? I have no idea why. The cold side is at around 78. I have a 100 Watt Halogen flood bulb on the hot side and a 50 watt halogen flood bulb on the cold side. I have tried many different bulbs and at least these are getting me to the closest temps. When I used a bigger bulb on the cold side it got way too hot. I'm also using a dimmer on the hot side in order to keep the temp at around 126.

I am going to post some pictures cuz I finally figured out how to do it. Can someone please help with the temp issue and also if someone can tell me what species these are and how old they might be. I'd say the smaller one is probably 8 inches and the bigger one 10 inches. I haven't gotten close enough to measure nor to weigh as I feel they are getting stressed out enough with all the changes going on in their enclosure.

Here are some pictures. Please excuse the mess they have made with their food. :(

This is the little guy I'm calling Sunny

This is the bigger guy, no name as yet.

The big guy again wanting to get out


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Have you tried plugging the lights into a thermostat? I found that when I had the basking light plugged directly into the outlet it got way too hot. I got it stable with a Repti-temp 500R Thermostat.


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No but I do have it on a dimmer.

I still don't understand why the hot side is 120 - 135 on the basking spot but only in the 80's for an ambient temp?!?!?!
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