Tropical vivarium dranage layer?

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I also posted this in the gecko forum, but I wasn't quite sure exactly where to put it! Sorry if this is the wrong place...

I've had my crested eyelash gecko, Charmander, for about 4 months now. For about 3 months he has been in the same set-up; ExoTerra reptile dirt with about 3 spider plants that I allow to grow freely (babies are cut and put into the dirt) and a few real sticks, with a couple of hide-away decorations. One looks like a log, another looks like a fallen tree. Lastly, he has a plastic cup filled with dirt and a spider plant growing in it, this is were he likes to spend most of his time.
Anyway! He doesn't have a drainage layer and I keep hearing it's the best thing to use. I'm getting ready to move him to a new tank, and I was wondering if I can make a drainage layer from things I have around my home, supplies I thought I could use are;
Wire screen (non-toxic)
Shredded newspaper (usually used for my small pets)
Unshredded newspaper
Fishtank gravel
Fishtank sand

If I can use these to create a drainage layer, will someone be willing to go step-by-step with me to craft it so it'll be functional? His current set-up has been running pretty smoothly considering Spider Plants are very hardy plants, and it's especially surprising considering I don't have any springtails or isopods in it... I had one outbreak of mold, but once it was cleaned up, all was fine!
Thanks in advance!


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I have an idea, but I need to know if there's something that doesn't seem right
Fish gravel at the bottom, a layer (maybe two) of the mesh with a hole in the corner and newspaper on the edges to avoid scratching the tank, mesh curled into a tube and wrapped and glued in newspaper to use to drain, dirt over everything with a decoration on top of the drain to keep the gecko safe.
Does this sound good..?
I could also cut up plastic sandwich bags to glue on the mesh
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