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Hi all I wanted to post these pics of (Newly named) Trintiy she is at a rescue here in British Columbia (canada) and here is her story I still can't believe she is still alive!!

I emailed someone on craigslist as we were getting our new beardie (from the same rescue that currently has Trinity) I was quick to text (as he left his #) and he responded pretty quick his ad read Reptile/Fish Tank he gave the dimensions and and his number that was ALL! So upon texting he informed me there was a beardie currently living in his tank (could not see it from the pic he sent looked like a tank full of drift wood) so I (being a curious george) asked for a pic of the beardie and what I got I could NEVER have even Imagined!! She (we think she is a she but she's soooooo badly malnourished you can't tell!) He told me he has had her since 2004 but never knew if it was male or female and that It (as he always referred to her as) had no name! I quickly sent the pics to my friend that owns the rescue and she told me to go pick her up but ask to pay less for the tank (as I still needed the tank and considering there was a beardie in there he was asking Waaaaay below asking price for such a large tank!) so off I went with my heat pack and towel to go get this Very Sick beardie! When I saw the tank i was in SHOCK! There were small pieces of Lego in there there was No food to be seen or water of any sort just a dried up dish with nothing in it! She was on sand and she had sand caked in her beard on her vent and stuck to her feet! There was even a poop with a balloon in it (YIKES!!!!) I just couldn't imagine how she had survived since 2004 obviously at some point he had cared right? He had the right lighting and calcium so its just plain old Starvation and Dehydration that was killing her! Several times on our drive to the rescue she I could have sworn she had passed but all of a sudden we got within 10mins of the rescue (she was over an hour away where she lived) she opened her eyes and sat up! Long story short she is still alive and is hunting and eating All on her own!! Its been 2 weeks and she seems to be doing well she was loaded with parasites but is on meds now! She hasn't gained much and to see her still is such a sad sight but she's fighting hard!! Im attaching pics of her (BEWARE IF YOU CANT HANDLE SAD PHOTOS!) I wanted to share her story with everyone even though she is not mine ( we adopted Ruby from the rescue and picked her up the day we dropped Trinity off, sucked as now the rescue has 1 more mouth to feed but are SOOOOO happy they are getting to help her!) I will try to post some pics as she starts to regain her health right now she doesn't look much better then the pics but she's feeling Waaaaay better these days!! Thanks for reading!1


(She will not be available for adoption for a very loooooong time and they do not ship outside the province of BC incase someone was wanting to inquire!)


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just read this whole thread. I posted a long time ago on it, but was never kept updated through emails ;( Looking forward to some new pics of a little bit chunkier dragon ;)


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Ok so the much awaited for Post :D

Soooo Ziven (pronounced Zee Vahn) is doing Super!! We picked his name as the Slovak meaning is Alive we found that pretty fitting :D He's gained weight and is now 0.185 so he's gaining and you can Feel it when you hold him it's so awesome!! He's still soooooo skinny but is very alert and moves around Alot I'm told! He's Super fast too lol! Thanks to all those whom are following my posts with him it's so awesome to see how much people care since obviously his owner didn't!! He's going to the rescues bearded dragon foster (she LOOOVES beardie and hopefully he will relax a bit more and feel at home with her she used to foster my dragon before i got her!). He has Very delicate features especially when you compare him to some of the Huge chunk males I've seen lol!! But he's very cute and sweet! Hope you all enjoy I get his foster mommy to send me pics of his progress. Sooooo crazy how fa he's come and how far he has left but he seems more alert and happier now his eyes are clear and Bright!! Well Enjoy :D

So here are the pics (sorry theyre off my iPhone so may not be perfect!!






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What a fitting name :) I was reading it and got tears in my eyes haha. So glad he is doing much better and is going to a good home for awhile :) He is still very skinny but you really can tell a lot that he has been gaining. He's a fighter :)


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Wow! In those last pics, he's still shockingly skinny. But, compared to the first pics... :D he's comming along quite nicely! So happy to see Ziven doing so well! And a foster home already... Awesome! :D


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Thanks!! I know his progress is hard to see in pics but when he's relaxed and laying on his Fav log you can't even see his ribs anymore! It's amazing how far he's come!! These pics don't even do his justice!


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Thanks FlynntheDragon! It's was amazing to walk in and see him. When I forst saw him he was in his tank resting and I couldn't see his ribs anymore!! It's too bad he went all sucked in when I was taking pics but it's hard to get good pics from inside his tank!


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Hi RubysMomma,
Ziven :love5: ....what an awesome name, it so fits him! He's made so much progress from that heart wrenching skeletal little beardie in the first photo. Although he's very skinny and has depressions where pads should be on his head, he doesn't have that skeletal look. I know he needs to gain weight and still has a long way to go but what an amazing improvement. :blob5:
Hugs to the rescue lady for her great care in bringing him this far! :notworthy:
Hugs to the foster mom for taking him home to recuperate more. :notworthy:
And most of all a HUGE HUG to you, RubysMomma, for caring about the poor little guy and bringing him to the rescue to be saved! :notworthy: :love5:
The last photo is my favorite! The tears started falling as I looked at his beautiful face!


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And tears started to fall as I read your post Amanda lol! He just all around looks sooo much better! I heard from the rescue that he went to foster this morning so now he can start to put on the weight lol! She's Great at getting them chubby!! I'm going to keep in contact with the foster and get updated pics as he progresses :D. Thanks for all the positive Amanda :D
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