Traveling with Beardies????


Is it possible to take them away with u on holiday in "smaller" "travel" tanks, as i will be going on holiday in april and i dont trust anyone to look after our 2 babies as they are still young? Would this be a good idea or not????


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When Fudge was little (about 6 weeks), i took her with me when I went away for about 4 days.. She had just finished a course of meds for a respiratory infection and I wanted to keep an eye on her.. I had one of those budget 90cm tanks at the time which fit into the back seat.. The drive was less than an hour though.. I kept her in a plastic carrier with a blanket for the drive.. She was perfectly fine


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I take Drake to camp with us every year. The ride is about an hour. He usually sits on my shoulder the entire time, just lookin out the window. As far as an enclosure for him, I used a rubbermaid from walmart and took a screen top w/ me so he'd still have his lights. I just took his beardie bag (like a diaper bag) w/ his lights, blankie, and food dish. Once we got there he was fine. I set his "cage" up right in the camp where he could still each of us, and course he prob got the most attenion out of anyone there.. haha :blob5:

I think it will be fine for you :) Goodluck


Velcro goes with me whenever I travel, and I use an ordinary hamster cage! At first I covered the cage with a towel because she was anxious, but now she sits on the dashboard and basks as we travel...Our longest trip was from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, and she was fine! If she became restless, I just put her back into her cage and covered it for awhile.

We spend a lot of time handling her while she is travelling, and she loves it! I just make sure that she goes for a "poop-walk" on the lawn before we travel - it works just as well as a swim.

While we are away from home I make sure that she gets a few hours of direct sunlight each day - she is now so spoilt that she sulks when she is in here vivarium at home! I actually put her out into the natural sunlight every day - not sure if she will enjoy that as much in winter, but will adjust accordingly! I cannot bear to keep her in an unnatural environment when we have such a perfect natural environment in our country! Velcro agrees...good SA sunlight rocks!!!

I never leave her at home ... she's family!!!
My beardie's gone on four all-day car trips, both when he was a couple months old. He was fine - just conked out back in his travel tank, which was a 7 gal for a 6.5 in beardie.

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