Traveling with beardie

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If the weather cold alot of people use hand warmers and other things,
I've heard alot that they just sit and look out of the window,
Or you could Burrito them up or something :)


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If you are traveling alone a smallish container that can hold your beardie, a hot water bottle with a couple of towels wrapped around it and a cover! I have driven with my beardie for three 11hour moves by myself and on the first one I discovered that he could climb out of the container - so he spent the rest of the trip either on my shoulder looking around or inside my zip up hoodie (this put him to sleep and was needed when he went into "must get into the back seat stage"). Two of my three trips were done in the middle of the winter in Canada - I just had to be careful in transporting him from inside to inside the truck - wrapped up in a towel under hoodie, under jacket and into a smoking hot truck! good luck!

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