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Hi, just wonder or I need to get some ducuments for my bearded dragon for traveling with ferry? Maybe something from Vet?
Another question, I am trying to buy tickets for ferry, and it's question or I take animal with me, if answer yes -need to choose dog or cat only 🤔 so what I should do?


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I wouldn't think you would need to get documents, depending on where you live and where you are travelling. My understanding of a ferry is a small boat that crosses rivers or such, is it any different where you live? If it is a boat, then I wouldn't recommend travelling on a ferry with a beardie, due to the stress of a ferry.

What I'm asking is, how long would the ferry take, as well as how necessary the trip is to take you beardie with you?


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From what little I know on ferries usually pets must be in a carrier. Maybe dogs don't have to be but cats would. Beardies do not receive vaccinations. If it were me I would call the company to verify a beardie in a carrier is permisable

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