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I just wanted to publicly say thank you, Tracie, for helping me through this hard time I'm having right now. :cry:

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Drache613":1vl7lu6u said:
but I don't view our bearded dragons as a bearded dragon, but more like a child I guess. I realize to a lot, that is silly, but they are so deserving & special.


Tracie, I agree with this statement completely. We both, Bill and I, look on our beardies as our girls, our children. One nice lady at church finds it funny that we refer to them as our girls, but that's just what they are.

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Drache613":3w3s2yay said:
Hello Sherri,

You are very welcome! :D
It is very rewarding to see your dragons get better & become healthier. You are the one to thank for taking such great care of your dragons!
If I can educate just a few people then I feel a great satisfaction knowing that the owner & the dragon with both benefit. It is such a gift to own a bearded dragon, but I don't view our bearded dragons as a bearded dragon, but more like a child I guess. I realize to a lot, that is silly, but they are so deserving & special.

Thanks! You can always write anytime.


Tracie, you put that just perfectly! But you help us to take such great care of our dragons! The improvement in Kazi in just 2 days of taking the elixir you worked out for him, really is amazing!
You definitely aren't the only one who sees bearded dragons as more like children - its odd, I have had many pets over the years who were 'my pets' but I constantly refer to Kazi, Phoebe and Huff as 'my babies'! Even when I am making plans with friends, I am so pushy about times etc as I need to make sure that either me or my husband will be at home to feed or bath or put the babies to bed! It took a while but now everyone I know understands what I mean when I say 'I have to go - its almost time for the babies to go to bed' or 'oh no, its way past the babies bed time' LOL

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I am the same way, my schedule is managed around our babies. My husband is great & so supportive. Thankfully we work at home so I can care for them often. It is hard leaving them for any amount of time, which sounds absolutely crazy, but I know you understand that feeling!
I am happy that I am able to help, it really makes my day when someone's dragon improves so much. They really are such incredible beings that have the sweetest little hearts. Go Kazi man!

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