TRACIE...Drache613...need you to come in...

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I had to thank you publicly and give you honor for all that you do and all that you give freely to all of us. I, for one, know that my dear beardie, Razzle would not be the fat and sweet beardie he is today if not for you.

I don't know how you keep it all straight and are always there for us. I hope one day I can do or say something that will be of benefit for you!

I decided it was time for some sparkle for have to deal with so many dragons who are ill and in need and sometimes that road is not pleasant.

I hope these bright colors can brighten your day today a little :D

Thank you again so very much!
(btw, I will be posting pics of Razzle tomorrow that were taken just today...nothing frail about him now!lol)

~Sherri, Jacob and Razzle

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I wish there were a like button now!!!!

I have to say a massive thank you to Tracie too!!!!! She has helped me out so much in the last 3 years and I really really do appreciate it! If it hadn't been for Tracie these last few weeks, I think I would have felt completely lost- I just would not have known what to do for my Kazi-monster!!


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I know that without Tracie my little one would not be thriving as he is now. I cannot thank you enough Tracie; for everything you have done for us!!



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For me as well Tracie, you've helped and inspired me so much!! I hope one day I can benefit reptiles and their owners half as much as you have. Thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave me!!

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Tracie is a great lady! She's our go-to person for beardie health questions, especially for medical type treatment. Anyone asks a question like that, we say "I'm not sure, ask Tracie, she'll know."

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Hello Sherri,

Wow, you guys are all just too much, embarrassing me like this! :oops:
That is very nice of you to say. Thank you very much! :love5:
My goal is to educate & help everyone learn & appreciate their dragons more. I have learned a lot from everyone here also! We have so many great people on this forum!

You guys are so great!
Thanks. :D



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You are very welcome :D

And you are very right! LOL I think it was Michael (sorry if I am wrong!..I'll find out for sure later lol) that posted a big thank you to so many of us and you are both so correct. What an absolute blessing this site is!

I just know that you have helped save the lives, not to mention the sanity (ok, some of us are beyond help there :mrgreen: ) of more people than we could count.


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Hello Sherri,

You are very welcome! :D
It is very rewarding to see your dragons get better & become healthier. You are the one to thank for taking such great care of your dragons!
If I can educate just a few people then I feel a great satisfaction knowing that the owner & the dragon with both benefit. It is such a gift to own a bearded dragon, but I don't view our bearded dragons as a bearded dragon, but more like a child I guess. I realize to a lot, that is silly, but they are so deserving & special.

Thanks! You can always write anytime.

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