Toys that a Beardie would enjoy?

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I know this may be a silly question to ask but do Beardies like toys to play with?

My 5-6 month old Beardie named Crispy is a really active fellow. I take him outside whenever its sunny out just so he can get pure sun and I plan to get him a harness sometime so he doesn't jump/run off (he gets so excited). I become very happy when he is having a good time.

But when Crispy is in his enclosure, he just sits whereever he wants, whether in his basking light, on top of his log or his favorite rock. Sometimes he would come to the glass and peek out to see what I'm doing. I take him out sometimes to let him roam the bed and let some Dubias loose for him to hunt.

He has a decent amount of climbing branches, sticks, rocks, and places to hide in. He has a very large enclosure too! A paradise for a bearded dragon.

But are there any toys that he can "play" with? Like jingly balls, or something safe for him? What do Bearded dragons enjoy other than places to climb up on?

If perhaps there are no toys, is there something else Crispy would like? Besides food and treats? Hammock? (I might not be able to put one in since he has a wooden enclosure and those suction things don't stick to them but i can try).

Thanks :3 I want Crispy to enjoy life to the fullest ans I'm happy when he's happy. I treat him like he is my son. XD


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Yea I know they don't NEED any toys.

I just wondered if beardies are known to play with toys. But perhaps not.

I'll keep an eye out for an climbing or obstacle he might enjoy :3


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I've seen some videos where they seem to be playing with cat ball toys. I would make sure that it's the solid type though. Don't want them to break off and swallow anything. I've seen some react to those little laser lights too.


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Also, you can try adding like a bridge across the middle of the enclosure. They always enjoy being higher up. I have a 8x46 inch board across the back of my enclosures and they spend almost all their time on it.

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I have some of the cat balls and will put superworms in them sometimes but my guy shows limited interest. The favorite thing to do seems to be to sit in the window and look outside so I set up a dog bed in the window sill for him to sit on.

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Well, maybe some beardies do enjoy playing.

Puff loved to play with his UVB200's dome reflector when I was using that kind of reflector for the UVB200 globes (hung pendulum style from his tanks ceiling).
He would often be seen stretching up even standing on the tripod formed by his tail and back legs to be able to pat the lower skirt of the dome to make it swing away from him, when it returned he'd pat it again (to keep it swinging), he really seemed to enjoy doing this and it's a game he invented himself.

Rex loves crumpled wrapping paper (expecially Xmas paper and birthday paper) , and will pat and need it to make it make the crackling sound, she invented this game herself.

Neither did this until they were adults , well we never saw them do it til then.

My bluetongues have their own games, Mildred likes bubble wrap, and will make the stuff rustle.

George likes climbing over the cross brace on the bottom of the camp chair legs, the sound it makes as his tail rubs across it gets him interested. Rex likes that too.

Wriggles (the water skink) loved to frolic in her water dish , loved to splash about and she also loved chasing green grapes , playing "soccer" with them butting them her nose and chasing them.

I think domesticated pet lizards learn to play games as part of their enriched lives. A lot more goes on in their heads that they are give credit for and when they discover a "device" that makes an interesting sound or has an interesting texture, they soon learn how to "play" with them.

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kyleena29":2proqmrr said:
I've seen some videos where they seem to be playing with cat ball toys. I would make sure that it's the solid type though. Don't want them to break off and swallow anything. I've seen some react to those little laser lights too.

As hatchlings and babies , all my lizards liked to chase the pointer in the monitor , I think they though it was a bug , soon learnt it wasn't (a bug) and lost interest.

All mine love to watch TV , and they also love to look through the glass of the front floor - ceiling window.


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I second the "up high" enclosure options, like a cat. It's not a toy, but they enjoy it.
Aside from also being the basking platform, both my dragons love to be the king and queen of their domain and peer over everything from the highest perch. When my youngest was still little, he could climb up his climbable background and would wedge between the top of it and the screen, I presume to be up higher.

For play things, I've heard dragons enjoy playing with like ping pong balls? I haven't tried this at all.
There are also those like "bug crawl" or "bug smash" apps that my youngest has "played" but I find that cruel because I doubt he understands what's going on. Needless to say it wasn't me doing it...
Humm...the post about the beardies playing with dangling things and crinkly paper makes me think. What about the crinkle sacks that cats like to play in? I also have a cat-o-nine tails from a former life that has been given a new life as a cat toy. I wonder if Linus will like chasing it, or pawing it? I think I will try it out tomorrow and let you guys know.


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I provide lots of things for my 2 1/2yo dragon, Peaches to climb on and many different ways to do it. She really likes it when I put her big water dish in her viv (2 to 3 times a week), she runs up her log and back down to literally act as if she is swimming(in a 1/2"of water) jumps out and runs up to her hammock then across her log and does it all over again, she's weird, lmao! But very entertaining!!!
Lord knows she needs the exercise :roll: :roll: :roll:

Caution: Put a towel under it, lol!


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Reptar likes to play with cat toys (mostly balls). He will roll them around his tank in the morning. I also bought a used ipad and mounted it on my wall. I usually start a movie before I leave for work, so he has something to watch. He's a big fan of Game of Thrones :lol:
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