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Claudiusx Sicko
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I don't know why you are not sure on what to do. There really is only one option, and that is to separate them.


diamc Sicko
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I have to agree with Brandon, you only have one option, separating them asap. You can even pick up a plastic bin from Walmart to use temporarily. Or, perhaps you can give her to someone. It's not fair for her to be suffering like this. Something needs to be done before she is hurt very badly or worse. :( I would put him in the bin though, not her.

One more thing I wanted to add is that stress alone can kill a bearded dragon.


RelentlessChaos":js0izb7m said:
I don't have anything else to house her in. I already have a crested gecko setup in my small room as well. Just not enough space atm for another 40 gallon w/ lighting / timers. So that's not happening unless someone is willing to adopt.


So is your plan to continue endangering the life of your pet because the space taken up by a new tank would be inconvenient for you? And are you saying that the only way your dragon can be given a healthy home is if someone does it for you? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but you sound incredibly irresponsible.

If you can't be bothered to split them up, I'm curious what your plan is for when your male inevitably bites off a leg or worse? Maybe that's something for you to think about.

Claudiusx Sicko
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Well what did you expect out of this thread? For everyone to tell you it will be ok?



I just looked through RelentlessChaos' posting history. This is really sad.


if she dies she dies.

She'll just be replaced.
Whatever, I am done with the stress.

This was a year ago. I fear he is using this same mentality when it comes to this situation as well. Just hopes the problem gets better and if not, buy another dragon.

He was even graciously offered to send the dragon (at no cost to him) to someone to be rehabilitated and returned. He denied the help, saying that he was doing the best he can, hoping it starts eating on it's own. And then he gets mad at people for not having all the answers.

Oh now you guys want to reply & help.......
I am done checking up on this topic and replying, there is no help here. I first made it in late Feb.
I've mad pics, videos, updates, etc.

5 pages of people replying and trying to help, but still whines about not getting any help. I really hope his dragon doesn't have the same fate as the last one :( It's depressing to think about.


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Yup, I'm a monster. I like how you took the time to brand me a killer by twisting my words / topics around. Btw, there is a reason that topic is so old and that I haven't been here since. (People like you). And another thing about that "old" topic, you can no longer see all the pictures, I've posted.. pictures of my own custom made "casts" and videos I personally took the time to make to demonstrate here disabilities so please shut up, and don't discuss something that you were not apart of.

Moving on, the reason I said "that's not happening" in this topic is because some people really don't have the space or money for things, but I was lucky enough to find a way. (Worst case scenario would have been my local pet store). So if you must know Daisy's fate (the dragon this topic is about) is now in a new terrarium. (20 gal). (small, because she is small). With cage carpet for simple hunting. A hamomck to bask on one side, and a food dish / water on the other and a 50w/Reptisun 10.0 on top. No crap decorations, she needs to spot every piece of food easily for easy feeding. At least that is my hope or idea. I also have supplementary / vitamin medicine (Aka appetite booster).

Here is a picture for proof.


Here is the little bugger responsible for their divorce.


Now go on, turn things around some more. Tell me how I shouldn't be using sand, or that "they shouldn't have been housed together to begin with you monster", or if you want drag this topic on some more and ask why her condition is the way that it is "still". I know you're going to find something, which is why this site is crap.

(Edit): Btw.. SPOILER ALERT.
I really hope his dragon doesn't have the same fate as the last one :( It's depressing to think about.
That "last one".... is this one. Although, ty for making it sound like I have a history of dead lizards.

diamc Sicko
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Very glad to hear that you have separated them. They must both be happier & you also. Good job.
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