Toothless the "Day Fury"

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Alrighty. :) This thread is for me to tell my beardie's story and post all about his adorableness. Even though I just registered today, I shall start at the beginning. This thread should have alot of pictures- so be warned- you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.

The Beginning!
We bought Toothless from Repticon in Raleigh on May 5th. He came from the same breeding company that our first came from (Carolina Designer Dragons) because we know she is an amzing breeder! He was about 8 weeks old when we got him.

His parents are Prada x Etro from FairyTail Dragons. (not sure how CDD got some of their babies XD)
This is his dad, Etro. He is a Hypo Leatherback X English Belgium Hypo 18" long, 423 grams and still growing!! and This is his momma, Prada. She is 354 grams, 18 1/2" long and 100% Marketed Leucistic.

Now on to my little cutie. This is him in the salebin. He's the one facing us. We knew right away he was the one.

This is him on the way home. He was so friendly and curious- not a single stress mark!

This is his very first experience in his Viv. :3 He seemed to like it (He loves it now)

First bath (May 6th)

He's growing! (June 12th or so)

But still tiny. He's a snuggler when he isn't zooming!

Growing more

July 6th. :) It's been 2 months since I got him, and he has shot up in size! Went from 25g or so to 158g!

Today, I coddled him with loooooove. Here is a shot to show just how much he's grown.

Thats it for now, but more pics WILL come. :D I hope you all enjoy these! <3


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Alright. I am currently in NH, and leaving my baby alone for the first time. I hope he won't be too mad at me when i get back. I have two good friends looking after him, one quite experienced with reptiles :) I told them to update me, so i know that he ate 40 crickets for his lizardsitter today! I hope he isn't lonely- i left 3 stuffed animals and several tshirt blankets in his viv for him.

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How long are going to be away. He'll be a bit puzzled & you'll get the "where the h*** have you been" death glare when you get home, then he'll just want to be cuddled for hours just to make sure it's really you & that you're here to stay. I went away for the weekend, when I got back Sunday night at 8p, Leo was still awake & that's the look I got. I had to cuddle him for 3 hours before he'd settle down to sleep again. I think he missed me the most, the others were just glad to see me back the next morning!
Have a good trip!


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Neo went with his grandparents to Tennessee this month for 10 days. Crystal took it pretty well. Of course, she still had my hubby and I here. I'm sure Toothless will be just fine. I hope you have fun on your trip.


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Thank you :) Its been a pretty good trip so far, but it puts my mind at ease knowing he is eating well for his lizard-sitter. I hope Neo's trip goes well as well!


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Well, I got back yesterday from NH, and was met by a very skittish and not-so-pleased dragon. He held a grudge for a while, but after a bath, playtime, food, and super snuggles, all was quickly forgiven. I love to have him cuddle up on my neck when I am watching TV- he is softer than he looks!

He gained a little weight- from 208 to 214 while I was away. He only was able to eat once a day in those times, so I'd say it was pretty good. My good friends watched after him- Jessi for 2 days, and Taylor for the rest. Jessi got a real kick out of Toothless, and even played with him a bit. :D Taylor is a herp enthusiast, and volunteers at a petting zoo- so she has alot of experience with the scaly variety. I felt he was in good hands :)

I'm still glad to be back though, because as his mommy, i have the silly notion that only I can take care of him best. It's already killing me that I am going to college and have to trust the rest of my family.
Especially since while we on vacation, my dad and I had an argument about pet care. Basicly, he doesn't really beleive on spending any real money on them- as you can just "get a new one". I was so mad, and nevertheless, he lost my trust in pet care. I intend to take Toothless in with me when I graduate from college, as my brother will be entering college then.

Anyway, today I attempted to build a harness- which failed for the most part. I intend to order one from OgleRpets, and also from Bunnyrut when he grows a little more.

But anyway, enough talk from me. I wrote a book! I know what you guys are crazy about- and thats beardie pics! It was hard to pick only a few from the many I have, but I hope you enjoy his crazy antics- I know I do!

Right before leaving, Toothless shoved himself into his hide, and gave us this look. Durn near broke my heart!

I think this shot makes him look redder than he is, but he opted to wipe himself on me instead of letting me towel him off. :roll:

Tried a harness...worked a little, but I would never trust it outside.

Found his fishie and decided to hang all on his own!

Lastly, some neck cuddle time.


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I'm glad you're back with your baby! He must've missed you SO much! I'm going to college in three years so I have plenty of time with my Nim before then. Plus, my mom LOVES animals and will tend to him while I'm gone to college. She does think some animals are smarter than others. But she will still care for him with love. I'll have to give her a huge list though! :lol:

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I was away for only 3 days & they were well taken care of, but when I got home, Leo was awake & the look was WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN! I had to cuddle him for 3 hours before he settled down & went to sleep! He wasn't the dragon I thought would be most upset, but the rest were sound asleep when I got home. It was funny & Leo was clingy for a few days before he was ok with me being home again. They are so funny with their reactions. I had to cuddle alot with the other 4, too, before they got back into regular routine. So I can understand the grumpy puss you saw when you got home. I hope everything goes well while you're at college, are you going to be going to a local one, so you're home when you're not in school?


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No. I will be going all the way to Georgia, from NC. I am going to the Savannah College of Art and Design.

I've been slowly trying to teach my brother everything I know about beardiecare, and I am going to introduce him to this site before I go. The good thing is, I get to come home every ten weeks! I get 7 weeks off from nov 15 to jan 5, and a week in spring, and then I'm home May to Sept 7.

I'm confident he will take care of him well, and I will be fussing over him from Georgia.

In other news, Toothless has only pooped once a day, instead of his usual 2. I really hope this will become the norm. X)

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Probably, the bigger they get the less they poop, it seems. Most of mine poop daily, but sometimes every other day. I don't keep track anymore, but if I realize one of them hasn't for a few days it's a really warm bath, if that doesn't work, it's canned pumpkin as that works every time!

He sure is getting more colourful the older he gets. He's a beautiful beardie. I'm glad your brother will take good care of him, he deserves the best of care, as that's what he's gotten used to!


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I was away the whole of today for a sleepover, and was pleased to find that he had been given a bath and fed twice by my bro. Thats 67 crickets today (we just picked up a new box)! Looking forward to him getting to the mostly veggie stage.

Poop news: As of the last 3 days, Toothless will only poop in his bath. I assume this is good news, but it means we have to bathe him every day- no fail XD Uff. Well, if it saves me from cleaning up poop from his basking log...

Thank you Sweetie! He is becoming a very handsome young man. :)


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I love him :love5: ,he is so cute.How much was he.I always wanted to get a beardie like that,but i love all colors of beardies :D !



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NEROtheMONSTER":2k2uq4cp said:
I love him :love5: ,he is so cute.How much was he.I always wanted to get a beardie like that,but i love all colors of beardies :D !


Why thank you! :) He was 187$ from Carolina Designer Dragons. I believe he was originally 200$, but we got a bit off because we bought our previous beardie from her. I love how every beardie looks- even if they are browns and greys, they still have the neatest patterns!
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