Toothless the "Day Fury"

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Alrighty. :) This thread is for me to tell my beardie's story and post all about his adorableness. Even though I just registered today, I shall start at the beginning. This thread should have alot of pictures- so be warned- you may not be able to take the pure ferocious cuteness.

The Beginning!
We bought Toothless from Repticon in Raleigh on May 5th. He came from the same breeding company that our first came from (Carolina Designer Dragons) because we know she is an amzing breeder! He was about 8 weeks old when we got him.

His parents are Prada x Etro from FairyTail Dragons. (not sure how CDD got some of their babies XD)
This is his dad, Etro. He is a Hypo Leatherback X English Belgium Hypo 18" long, 423 grams and still growing!! and This is his momma, Prada. She is 354 grams, 18 1/2" long and 100% Marketed Leucistic.

Now on to my little cutie. This is him in the salebin. He's the one facing us. We knew right away he was the one.

This is him on the way home. He was so friendly and curious- not a single stress mark!

This is his very first experience in his Viv. :3 He seemed to like it (He loves it now)

First bath (May 6th)

He's growing! (June 12th or so)

But still tiny. He's a snuggler when he isn't zooming!

Growing more

July 6th. :) It's been 2 months since I got him, and he has shot up in size! Went from 25g or so to 158g!

Today, I coddled him with loooooove. Here is a shot to show just how much he's grown.

Thats it for now, but more pics WILL come. :D I hope you all enjoy these! <3


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Aw! Mine have tshirt blankets, too. They go to sleep on them every night. Isn't it funny how they love something soft, especially if it smells like us? Very endearing. Cute pictures.


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BeardieMommy3991":3bfqxu8q said:
I actually saw him YAWN! Didn't even know they could do that, and it was so adorable!

My little Nimmy yawned once. It kind of freaked me out :lol: Silly me!


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Momswims1":2gefuzhh said:
Aw! Mine have tshirt blankets, too. They go to sleep on them every night. Isn't it funny how they love something soft, especially if it smells like us? Very endearing. Cute pictures.

In that case, I think I found out why he loves me most. :wink: Besides that fact that I'm the one who suns him and feeds him and bathes him and takes him out to cuddle... :roll:

I love giving him soft things, I'm just worried he'll poop all over them.


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Been subject to many beardie shenannigans the last 2 days. :) Lots of cuddle/exploration time and fun! I introduced him to his new stuffed animal, and he seems to like it. I figured Toothless in HTTYD liked fish, so why not my dragon? :) He is going through a head, leg, and tail shed, but he just lost his tail-shed today. We weighed him and measured him this morning- 17 inches! and 207.8 grams! :) Just on the 16th, he was 15 inches and 185 grams. So proud of him! On the downside, it means he's been vaccuming up crickets!

I won't drown you guys in pics, but here are a few of my favorites!

Catching a ride on my pantleg

Messing with my laptop (He seems to like tumblr- probably checking out his personal blog!)

Aaaaand him all tucked in with his fishy friend :)

Also, here is a video of some lizard cuddles. :wink:


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My father and brother are being major jerks, and decided they needed to play a game of ping pong at 1 in the morning. Toothless' cage is in the playroom (where the ping pong table is), so they proceed to turn on the brightest lights(we have a dimmer, secondary pair) and make a lot of noise. Their excuse was "the ping pong is waking him up anyway". :evil: Of course that wakes up my poor baby, so I rescued him and he is now getting some good dark rest in the living room until they finish.

Some people don't seem to care whether their pets get the same rest they do. :evil:


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He is absolutely precious! Neo is turning green while I sit and announce the weights and measurements on Crystal's brother. She is less than half his size. So, as soon as dinner is over Neo is raiding the hornworm bin for Crystal. Ha! Ha! I tell him that she is healthy, growing at a steady pace and showing clear fecal checks. Be happy because she could have all sorts of problems.

I can't believe how different the two of them are! It's like polar opposite of the clutch. But they are both precious. I am glad you found my thread. I will keep a close watch on here and I will make an effort to post more pictures on my own thread.


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I wouldn't doubt it- Toothless sucks down almost 80 crickets a day! I'm sure Crystal will catch up in no time. :) I'll be following your thread as well. (also Crystal's)

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Toothless is such a cutie & yes, they love to have soft things to rest their tummies on. All my boys have their own blankies, they get tucked in every night, too. It's funny how they love to be cuddled & love a regular routine, with snuggles & outside time, too. It's great that Toothless (love that name, that is one of my favourite movies) is growing so well, what a great appetite he has! And their personalities are all so different, Toothless always looks like he's smiling. And that was so funny about the burp, I've seen that a few times & it took me by surprise, too, I couldn't figure out what they were doing :D

Thanks for all the photos, he's such a cutie & so well loved. It really shows when they get the right amount of attention, they just blossom. He's so healthy & he sure is growing, he's going to be huge when he's full grown! Maybe he'll be as big as my Rubio, he's 22" long & 756g. He was a normal sized baby, and juvie, then just before he was a year old he just grew :shock: He's the biggest by far of the 5 males that I have. They are alot of fun!


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Thank you Sweetie! He seemed so tiny when we got him (he was the runt of the litter) but now we think he might grow up to be quite the large man! I love how happy he seems, except for his grumpy face (when he gets woken up or put back in the viv as "punishment").

In all the year we had Coconut, he never once Yawned/Burped, so I was surprised. :roll:
I'm so glad I had my beardie forums- I know so much now, and feel like I can give him the best care I can possibly give him! Before I came here, I was an avid member of a very great forum, but sort of dead now. :(

When I saw his face my brother and I simply KNEW he was a Toothless. That curiosity and adventure in his eyes... as the title states, he is our little Day Fury!

I'm so jealous of your big beardie family! I'd love to have alot of them, but I simply do not have the time, as I am about to go into college. It's sure to be a thing after I am graduated and situated in a large home with plenty of Viv space!

I love getting pictures of him, and there will surely be plenty more! :)


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Yeah, I all of my pets have names that fit them perfectly. And Nim is such a Nim! His eyes look just like the creature he is named after, so cute!


Wow, Toothless is a gorgeous boy. He looked so cute in the sale bin. He seemed pretty determined to go home with you. :) The blue bin picture really shows his amazing colors. I love his sidebars, and he looks like is always smiling.


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Thank you! We knew from the very first second that he was the one. (no matter the price-sorry mom! :wink: ) I will tell him you said so!
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