toooo warm....

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its been warm the past couple days. we hit 114F index with 90% humidity the past couple days. while i loved it, sindragosa did not...

last night she ran off the couch while i was reading some books, i saw her out of the corner of my eye, head down the hallway that leads out from the dining room. maybe half an hour later i get up to see where she went off to. i find her just outside the bathroom, feet and tail on the ground - body and head pressed flat against the cool wall.

i go back to my books. couple hours later my house mate uses the bathroom and leaves the light on. at this point im looking down the hallway so i see sindragosa wiggle into the wall more, trying to burrow away from the light im sure. after a minute she does what i can only describe as a sigh. slinking down from the wall, allowing her body to plop to one side, she lazily starts walking towards me down the hall. after a dozen or so feet she turns into my dark bedroom and disappears.

i make my way to bed half an hour later. i find her curled up around some clothes, laying directly in front of my box fan (on high) on the floor; passed out.

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It does sound like she was a bit too warm and was looking for places to cool off a bit. Hopefully the heat will break soon and she'll be more comfortable.
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