Too quick to grab this little guy! HELP

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Our 5-6 month beardie is so quick that I can't grab him. We want to be sure to hold him and play each day, but he is getting so fast in his 50 gallon tank that I can't get him. Maybe I will try luring him with food? Not sure what my best options are at this point...


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I usually use both hands to guide him into a corner where I can corral him. Then he usually just glass dances up onto my palm and I've got him :)

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I've resorted to tossing a dish cloth on beardie that wouldn't stop running like that so I could get my hands on her. I don't think she cared much for it but at least I could handle her that way. You could also try handling when he is sleepy, like first thing in the morning or a few minutes after lights out at night.

It important to handle him as much as possible at this stage, if he learns you will go away if he keeps running, then he could prove difficult as a adult.


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Thanks for the tips. I won't give up. Today he let me pet him while in his viv...and he even put one front leg up on my finger, but when I tried to gently pick him up he scurried away :?


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Okay, so yesterday after talking softly to him and gently/calmy/slowly trying to pet him.....he finally let me pick him up. He was so squirmy at first I though he was going to get away. How frustrating! He calmed down in my hand and even layed relaxed on my chest for about 5-10 minutes. Now here again today he won't let me come near him and puffed up his beard, ran away and attacked the opposite side of his viv (window/glass).

I just don't get it... :x


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patience you must have young grasshopper, trust earned not in one day. Mmmmm?

sorry DH is watching yoda vids on youtube


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Ok, cool. Thanks! I am afraid we are doing something wrong and that if I can't hold him now, then it'll only get worse each day.


When i first got my bd he did the same thing then i was sneeky and waited till later that night when he was sleepy i grabbed him and he slept in my hand now he loves sleeping in my hands
maybe also try adding an old shirt so he learns your smell and is comfortable around it
and imagain it from his point of view its scary to see a giant hand raching for you so be careful not to stress him out to much


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Are you coming from way up to grab at him? If so hes going to run he thinks your gonna eat him. Id come at him low below his headline. Take him a bug every time to go near the viv after a while he will stop running. My 3 monther when he first got here was a runner and a full on open mouth gonna take off a finger if you got any where near him kind of man lol Now he comes to the front of his viv looking for me cause he knows if he sees me hes going to get yummys. That took 2 full weeks. They just take a lot of time... Im still trying to tame him if you do something he dosnt think is right you get a full on open mouth and a hiss for good measure. Just try not to rush it these are smart little buggars.


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His tank/viv is on a stand, so he is at about 3-4 ft off the ground. When I try to pick him up I always try to come from the side or simply put my hand in front of him (about 6 inches away). I never come from behind of directly above since I have been told by many not to do that. What bugs do you use? right now his is just getting small crickets and I can't hold those :?

I'll try the bug idea, just let me know which u use to do that. I really want him to be tame especially since he is supposed to be my 8 yr old son's pet....but he can't even touch him anymore. He used to let him crawl around in our little bathroom and he'd climb right up on us in there. Not sure why he changed behavior, but I will keep trying.

I appreciate any advice as I am am still frustrated and sad because school starts soon too...and that means less time to try to tame him. :!:


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I don't know if this will help, but when I first rescued my Gem, she hated me. She would hiss and puff up and scurry away, even though it must have caused her a great deal of pain to do so (she had VERY severe MBD and couldn't hold herself up). What I did was wrap her in a towel so that only her head was sticking out, but very loosely, so she didn't feel trapped. It was like a security blanket-- two days after rescuing her, she was sitting on my lap wrapped in a towel. Soon afterward, the towel was no longer required, and today, she's the biggest snugglebug! :wink:

Just a suggestion. :mrgreen:



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Interesting--thanks! :D
I tucked a washcloth up under my shirt so it could "smell like me" as many have suggested and plan to use that to calm Sparky.

How did you wrap her in it loosely without her escaping?

Today I talked to Sparky while my hand was in the tank (about 6 inches away). Then I put some kale in my palm and he came and ate it from me while placing both front legs on my fingers. When I tried to gently pick him up, he scurried away. I got more kale and tried again 5 minutes later and I was just barely able to pick him up. I still had a difficult time holding him though -- super squirmy and it makes me scared that he will bite me. I let him run around on the floor in the kitchen for a little while and after about 10-15 minutes I needed to put him back and once again he qouldn't let me pick him up. I ended up using the washcloth to pick him up...he didn't like it, but wasn't any more upset that when I just used my hand. I was just scared because he is so darn quick....and didn't look to be trusting me still.

Hopefully I will be able to pick him up later today or tomorrow too...hoping for little improvements each day :mrgreen:
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