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Me and my husband made our baby ,chroma, his forever home. It took two days to build and we built it all for $160, mainly due to how expensive his lights are. I'm worried it might be to much for him, he is 12inches long and I believe 3 months old. I got a faux glass so he wouldn't see his reflection and glass surf like he used to, the crack on the right is being replaced tomorrow. His new light will be here at the end of the week for his UVA, we got reptisun t5 the 32inch. We were going to suspend it on the ceiling. I'm still worried it might be to much the tanks size is 3ft 9inch long, 1ft 10 inches wide and 1ft 10 inches tall. The pic below shows our temp uva light fixture on the right. This is due to the fact our last dome broke today due to my super douche cat. The substrate is fabric so it is easier to clean. Yet my main question is this size okay for him or do i need to block half of it off for now?
Update: I noticed in the pic below it doesnt show our recent vents we added, but yes he does have vent in there for him. Also that cord hanging out the right has been relocated properly.


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Thank you and sadly they have to be real plants that are safe for him, he was consistently eating the fake plants. Or shredding them apart. We have aloe vera in there for him growing right now but im trying to add other plants as well.

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That is a very nice looking tank! :D
No worries, he will definitely grow into it pretty quickly.
How close will he be to the T5 tube?



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Thank you and it all depends on what the light states it needs to be. I can go as high as 12 inches with the light.
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