Toni's Beautiful Artwork! Take a Look!!!

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So, Toni has been making this gorgeous artwork for me several times a week. I'm so proud, I needed to share it with you guys! Take a gander! :shock:

This is a close up of the arteeest


Narrow shot of her with the artwork in the background


Wide shot of the masterpiece

IMG_0249.jpg arteeest would like your opinions...what do you think of her work??? :banghead:


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in the case that that is poop... :shock:
If not then what a lovely piece of art :mrgreen:


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The best part is that she looks like she really doesn't give a darn what you think and she doesn't feel bad for this at all! Oh beardies you gotta love them! :laughing6:


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Oh yes my arteeest only works with the finest poo. Seriously, she pooped right next to the wall and then ran through it over and over again for about an hour. I looked over and saw her just smearing it everywhere. She's still going through a major case of spring fever and it is driving me nuts!


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Oh and the dark spots on her hand and side are poo as well. She does this while I'm at work, so I don't have the chance to prevent her from smearing it on the walls and herself.
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