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Hi, I was actually going to post an update. So in the end I bought some bug grub by repashy as I was worrying a lot about her not eating enough and still offer the calci worms and dubia roaches though over Xmas have had trouble getting them. A couple orders have not shown up or they have been pretty dead. I offered her food every hour or so the bugs first then the bug grub and she has taken to the bug grub quite well and will eat a worm or two a few times a day.

She’s gained a bit of weight Over Xmas and seems to be happier. She will only go for worms that are moving a lot so it takes time to get her attention. Plus she only likes the bug grub when pretty runny. I think she’s a bit of a fussy thing but I forgive her as she’s so damn cute. I’m hoping things continue to pick up she hasn’t got worse only better. I’ll keep weighing her hoping it will continue to rise! Thanks for all your help!


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I am glad to hear that she will take water from a dropper for you, that really helps out a lot.
Which liquid calcium did you purchase?
A lot of them tend to like the Repashy grub pie & it is very nutritious. It sounds like she is slowly improving so
continue to do what you are doing & hopefully she will fully recover!
Let us know how she is doing.


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