Hi everyone I’ve had my Zoomed timer for about a year now. Recently there has been 2 occasions where the timer will turn off at it’s scheduled time and then randomly turn on in the middle of the night. Luckily both times I caught it before it went the whole night being on. Has this happened to anyone? Is it maybe time for a new timer? Please let me know your thoughts. I’m starting to think I have a ghost in my house. Lol.


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Timer could be on the blink --- set it up in your LR to a lamp and test it on that first - that way your not waking the dragon up - if it does it in there I would say get a new one ---


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Can't go wrong with the cheap 7 dollar timers you can buy anywhere. I've had the same one for the past 8 years now.



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this happened to me a couple times last year and again this morning. I bought a back up timer (same one). I like this one the best because it has the multiple plugs. I use the second one for travel but if it happens again, I may have to use the cheaper, square-1 plug timers- boooooooooooo

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