Thor's Thread 03-14-12

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As some may know my little Thor is growing well. More then doubled in size since I got him ~2 months ago. I have him on a very varied diet. He has shown a flighty, aggressive attitude toward me in the past and the more I have been hand feeding him he has been coming around more and more. Progress! He is in a 40 gallon breeder enclosure, 24 inch Reptisun 10.0 (2/3 enclosure length) Has a piece of decor I got from a local pet shop, the piece was broken (which I fixed) so I got it for half price :wink: This decor allows him to get 6 inches from his UV source and ~6 inches from his primary basking light. His basking temperature is ~107-111°F. He is provided a daily salad which he does eat. Dusting per a preferred dusting schedule. Only RepCal supplements used. Has a low profile large diameter water dish. Reptile carpet substrate a hammock and a vine used to help get up his basking decor. The basking decor doubles for shade, UV cover. Thor is bathed 2 times a week.

Typical daily diet - ~50-70 1/4 crickets, 15-20 small silkworms, ~2-5 small butterworms, 1-4 small hornworms. He gets an occasional wax worm when I have them has had reptiworms in the past. Thor has yet to deny any feeder offered.

I will get pictures up on this thread of him soon. I will leave this with a question... anything I can improve on?

Claudiusx Sicko
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Yay, a thread for Thor!! I can't wait!! :mrgreen:
I am so in on this thread!!! FIRST!! :D

Beardednoob":3gbn332h said:
How did you do that....

NOOB":3gbn332h said:
I will get pictures up on this thread of him soon. I will leave this with a question... anything I can improve on?
What! Why no pictures now! Now I am going to bed sad that I don't get to see Thor!

Oh, and to answer your question: NO! You have the ideal set up going for Thor!!!! :mrgreen:



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If Brandon can post pics then so can you! teehee!

I want pics. How big is Thor? What's he weigh? What does he eat for feeders?

Dresden hates his baths, though he seemed to have more fun in the kiddie pool, swishing his tale around a bit. Nezzie could care less lol. I'll have to get some pics of their vivs so you can see it them. Dres is a 40 breeder too.

I have a couple tree type things in Dresden's viv. He seems to enjoy climbing around and sleeps in one of them almost every night. I also put his greens in little piles near his favorite spots to make sure he can't completely ignore his salad.


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Ok, Michael, I came for the pics :mrgreen:

I know you will get them up when you can! Sounds like Thor is a healthy eater :headbang: and everything else sounds great.

Like Maggie said, if Branodn can post can you! Oops, did I just spell his name wrong??? :mrgreen:

There is a link to Razzles' pics in my sig if you want to take a peek :laughing6:

Great name by the way, love it!


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Sherri":2om8abmw said:
if Branodn can post can you! Oops, did I just spell his name wrong??? :mrgreen:

IT....IS...ON!!!!! :twisted:



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I just want photos. Apparently Thor and Dresden are eating machines and I want to see how big he is compared to Dresden.

WindTide - can I have a handful of your popcorn ;)


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Michael - here are pics of my vivs




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I met Thor in another thread. That thread had pictures, and possibly (I could be wrong) more pics.

Want pics.

Hi Thor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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