This may sound stupid...


I'm considering a career as a police officer, and I'm just wondering how I can provide the best care for my almost 3 year old beardie baby if I ended up working some long days, or had to travel for any training reasons, etc. How do you make it work if you're in the profession, in a similar profession, or any advice from this great community of experienced bearded dragon owners. Your help is always appreciated. Thank you.

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You shouldn't have an issue. If you live alone you can just keep lights on a timer, and offer food once a day. At 3 years old, your dragon will likely already be on a feeding schedule like that I'd assume.

As far as training goes, either try to sign up for training in your own county, or make plans to have someone come by your house every day or every other day. Most training for new officers hired at a department and already through the academy isn't going to be anymore than 5 days at a time. And even that will be few and far between in your first few years.



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The above takes care of the beardie side, I want to check on you.. will you be okay? It's going to be an adjustment for you as well! Get a cam and check in when you can. ;)

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Beardies are probably one of the easiest pets to leave alone for a day or two. If you have to be gone longer than that, you'll need to train someone dependable how to properly care for him. I'm lucky enough to have a couple people that will check in on mine, i pay them 50 to 150 depending on how long I'm away and they send me pics everytime they stop in so i know my guys are being taken care of.

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