this doesn't make me a bad person...right?

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Life's full of tough choices. It was a tough decision but stay strong. I can imagine we would all want to save a beardie in a situation like that, but there's what we want and what can realistically be done. I don't see how anybody in their right mind could blame you.

As for the girlfriend, I think she should stop being so ignorant. It sounds to me she had it in for you before this happened, and now she's just exploiting it to strike a nerve. Tell her the reality of the situation and if this issue perpetuates, just ignore her.


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thank you all very much, I know this was more of a venting type of thread and i dont mean to vent at you all, i was just very upset... thank you all for your kind words... I think my brohters gf has had it in for me since the beginning as well, and i have been as nice as possible to her. like i say i have a really bad temper its easier for me to walk away, if i dont there is a gaurentee that more than feelings get hurt and i'm an adult, i need to behave as such... but i did want to put her in her spot that day....


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it sounds like it had a RI and trust me they arent cheap to treat!. my frilled is battling one and isint doing well at all. i have about $300 in vet care in the last two weeks into her and at this point she isint looking well at all. its mean of that girl to hassle you like that i have noticed alot of girls in that age bracket think they know it all. a friend of ours sons girlfriend is a great example.we were trying to help him catch his horse and i have been around horses for 11+years now and this girl is miss know at all and is convinced that i will magically catch the horse if i use a peppermint and she kept telling me how to do this and how to do that even claimed she rode a unbroke arabian! but was afraid to grab a lead rope to hold a old pony!lol
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